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Rarity Common
Description Silky-smooth material for creating fabric and armor.




Merchant Stock Price Sell requirement
Slime Merchant 10 8Ancient Coin None


Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Ghorm the Devourer 3-5Fiber 20.94% 4-6
The Hive Mother 3-5Fiber 19.9% 4-6
Larva Fiber 6.04% 1
Cocoon 2-3Fiber 83.33% 1-2
Caveling Fiber 12.88% 1
Caveling Shaman Fiber 12.88% 1
Caveling Brute Fiber 10.7% 1-3
Acid Larva Fiber 6.02% 1


Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Basic Workbench Bed 10Wood 5Fiber
Tin Workbench Explorer Backpack 5Tin Bar 10Fiber
Scarlet Workbench Scarlet Shell Backpack 15Fiber 10Scarlet Bar
Tin Anvil Bronze Helm 4Copper Bar 4Tin Bar 3Fiber
Tin Anvil Bronze Breastplate 6Copper Bar 6Tin Bar 4Fiber
Tin Anvil Bronze Pants 5Copper Bar 5Tin Bar 5Fiber
Iron Anvil Iron Helm 10Iron Bar 1Gold Bar 5Fiber
Iron Anvil Iron Breastplate 15Iron Bar 3Gold Bar 6Fiber
Iron Anvil Iron Pants 13Iron Bar 2Gold Bar 6Fiber
Scarlet Anvil Scarlet Helm 13Scarlet Bar 2Iron Bar 6Fiber
Scarlet Anvil Scarlet Breastplate 18Scarlet Bar 3Iron Bar 8Fiber
Scarlet Anvil Scarlet Pants 16Scarlet Bar 4Iron Bar 7Fiber
Ghorm's Horn Carapace Helm 9Tin Bar 4Larva Meat 6Slime 5Fiber
Ghorm's Horn Carapace Breastplate 12Tin Bar 5Larva Meat 8Slime 6Fiber
Carpenter's Table Rug 1Fiber
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