Poison Slime

Poison Slime
Poison Slime
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Rarity Common
Description A purple blob of toxic slime. Can be further processed.



Workbench Distillery Table
Result Poison Slime
Materials 10Ground Poison Slime


Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Purple Slime Poison Slime 96.15% 1
Ivy the Poisonous Mass 8-10Poison Slime 53.05% 4-6


Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Scarlet Workbench Distillery Table 16Wood 8Poison Slime 10Scarlet Bar
Distillery Table Greater Healing Potion 3Poison Slime 5Heart Berry
Distillery Table Keen Potion 3Poison Slime 1Azure Feather Fish
Distillery Table Guardian's Potion 3Poison Slime 3Puffungi 1Ancient Gemstone
Distillery Table Poison Aid Potion 10Poison Slime
Distillery Table Large Bomb 5Bomb Pepper 3Poison Slime
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