Fishing Merchant

Fishing Merchant
Fishing Merchant
Aggressive No
Faction Merchant
Health 100,000
Pre-spawned Yes
Summon item Pile of chum

The Fishing Merchant lives somewhere in Azeos' Wilderness in a small house Scene with a dock next to water. Explorers can purchase items from this NPC there, or summon them to other locations by placing a Pile of chum in a valid house (see room requirements). Pile of chum is a guaranteed drop from defeating Azeos the Sky Titan boss.

The Fishing Merchant in their natural home in Azeos' Wilderness


Sprite Name Stock Price Sell requirement
Orange Cave Guppy 20 50Ancient Coin None
Dagger Fin 20 50Ancient Coin None
Azure Feather Fish 20 50Ancient Coin None
Green Bait 30 5Ancient Coin None
Red Bait 30 5Ancient Coin None
Purple Bait 30 10Ancient Coin None
Sea Foam Ring 1 1,035Ancient Coin None
Neptune Necklace 1 1,890Ancient Coin None
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