Salvage and Repair Station

Salvage and Repair Station
Salvage and Repair Station
Type Workbench
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Rarity Common
Description Scraps tools and equipment you don't need or refurbishes broken ones.

The Salvage and Repair Station is a special Workbench that permits repairing durability of Armor, Tools and Weapons lost during their use. Shown by a diminished, or absent, green bar on the item, in its inventory slot. Repair requires use of Scrap Parts.

This station also facilitates Reinforcement. Which significantly extends equipment's maximum durability, adding a second, bright purple bar on the item. This also slightly augments the various buff stats of the item.

Salvaging destroys an item, extracting various Materials and/or Scrap Parts. These will generally be the same materials used to make craftable items. And so may have utility elsewhere. Or, at least be more easily stackable.



Workbench Basic Workbench
Result Salvage and Repair Station
Materials 5Wood
5Copper Bar


  • Salvage tools and equipment to gain Scrap Parts and some of the crafting materials back. Items with less durability gives back less materials
  • Repair tools and equipment with Scrap Parts
  • Reinforce applicable tools and equipment, increasing their base stats by 15% and durability by 100%


Crafting several Wood Pickaxe by hand, then immediately scrapping them, is one way to access scrap to repair higher tier items. In the case of having no better source. However, this can be a slow and cumbersome process to make enough for the more power gear.

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