Tin Anvil

Tin Anvil
Tin Anvil
Type Workbench
Rarity Common
Description A better anvil for creating gear and weapons more suited for survival.



Workbench Tin Workbench
Result Tin Anvil
Materials 8Tin Bar


Crafting workbench[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Tin Anvil Bronze Helm 4Copper Bar 4Tin Bar 3Fiber
Tin Anvil Bronze Breastplate 6Copper Bar 6Tin Bar 4Fiber
Tin Anvil Bronze Pants 5Copper Bar 5Tin Bar 5Fiber
Tin Anvil Tin Dagger 7Tin Bar
Tin Anvil Slingshot 3Tin Bar 10Wood
Tin Anvil Wooden Shield 10Wood 5Tin Bar
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