Type Storage
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Common
Size 18 slots
Can be painted Yes
Description Useful for storing lots of items. Items can be used while crafting if the chest is placed adjacent to the workbench.

This Chest is a basic base building storage object used to hold up to 18 different items after being placed on the ground.




Workbench By hand
Result Chest
Materials 5Wood

Color Variations[edit]

This is a paintable object. Brushes from the Painter's Table can be used to give it this range of different appearances:


Opened Chest user interface with a few basic wooden items stored inside.

All small chests, like this, have 18 slots. Each slot can store up to 999 stackable items, or one piece of equipment.

Interacting with a placed chest opens its UI. The buttons on the right, respectively, sort the chest's stored items or send all matching items from player inventory into it, provided sufficient space.

When a chest is placed directly adjacent to one of the Workbenches, materials are automatically pulled from that chest for crafting.

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