Amber Larva

Amber Larva
Amber Larva
Type Food
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Rarity Epic
Effects +11 food
+50 max health (only once)
Can be cooked Yes
Description Grub encapsulated in amber, an extremely rare ingredient.

Amber Larva is a consumable and cooking ingredient that will give a player +50 permanent max health. This specific effect can only be applied once to each character. It can be found in a unique Forgotten Ruins scene and rarely in chests in the Larva Hive Biome or as a drop from Ghorm.




Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Ghorm the Devourer Amber Larva 0.21% 4-6


Cooking ingredient[edit]

Effects when cooked
+21 food
+50 permanent max health (additive)
+52 max health for 5 min

Version History[edit]

  • 0.4.7 - Added a new version of the Amber Larva that applies the permanent health effect only once. The old version of this item can still stack health and remains in the game but can no longer be acquired.
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