Tin Workbench

Tin Workbench
Tin Workbench
Type Workbench
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Rarity Common
Description A better workbench to prepare you for the underground world.



Workbench Copper Workbench
Result Tin Workbench
Materials 10Wood
6Copper Bar
10Tin Bar


Crafting workbench[edit]

Tin Workbench

Tin Pickaxe4Wood 3Tin Bar
Tin Shovel4Wood 3Tin Bar
Tin Hoe4Wood 3Tin Bar
Bug Net8Wood 8Fiber
Explorer Backpack5Tin Bar 10Fiber
Tin Fishing Rod5Wood 4Tin Bar
Tin Anvil8Tin Bar
Bait Workbench8Wood 5Tin Bar
Alchemist's Table8Wood 8Slime 5Tin Bar
Automation Table5Copper Bar 8Tin Bar
Music Workbench8Wood 5Fiber
Iron Workbench10Wood 10Tin Bar 15Iron Bar
2Straw-bale Wall1Wood 1Meadow Wall
2Woven Straw Floor1Wood 1Meadow Ground
Loose Flooring1Clay Wall
Spike Trap1Tin Bar
Loom10Wood 4Fiber 4Wool
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