Octarine Ore

Octarine Ore
Octarine Ore
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Rarity Rare
Description Mysterious ore commonly found in limestone walls.



  • Loot: DiggingSpotSea
  • Loot: SeaFishingLoot
  • Loot: JellyfishDestructible
  • Loot: LargeJellyfishDestructible
  • Loot: SeaBiomeChest
  • Loot: CityDungeonChest
  • Loot: CityDestructible
  • Loot: LargeCityDestructible


Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Morpha the Aquatic Mass Octarine Ore 10.87% 4-6
Omoroth the Sea Titan Octarine Ore 27.09% 5-7
Tentacle Octarine Ore 13.83% 1
Bubble Crab Octarine Ore 13.59% 1
Caveling Scholar Octarine Ore 13.74% 1
Core Sentry Octarine Ore 14.52% 1


Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Smelter Kiln Octarine Bar 1Octarine Ore
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