Skills tab of a late game character, accessed with inventory open. Stared skills are maxed out to level 100. White bars show progress towards next skill level.

Experience points are passively awarded to characters for various activities. These accrue until a new skill level is reached. Each successive level requires more experience points. The rate at which this scales up varies widely between the different skills. Every 5th level unlocks a skill point (5 extra when maxed out) that can be allocated to any reachable talent in that particular skill tree. Allocated points can be reset and reallocated at any point by consuming 200Ancient Coin from inventory.


Main article: Mining

Mining experience is gained by dealing mining damage to a wall with a pickaxe or melee hit (punch). Unbreakable walls, or those the player is not able to damage, will not award experience points. Walls that are broken too slowly will not award any experience.

Each mining skill level increases your mining damage by 1, for up to +100 at level 100. Every fifth level awards a skill point that can be allocated in the mining talent tree. Populating it from the top:

Efficient excavation
+2-10% mining damage

Meticulous miner
+5-25% chance to gain an additional ore from walls containing ores

Night vision
+2-10 tiles visible ore distance

Miner's strength
+2-10% of mining damage added as melee damage

Mine, mine, mine!
+3-15% mining speed

Explosives engineer
+4-20% explosives damage

Pick and run!
+4-20% movement speed boost for a short duration after mining a wall

+0.2-1% chance to drop a valuable item from any mined wall


All movement on foot increases your running skill. Movement by minecart, boat or conveyor will not contribute to the skill.

Each running skill increases your movement speed by 0.1%, for up to 10% at level 100.

Endurance runner
+5-25% less food drained when running

Balanced stance
+5-25% dodge chance after standing still for a short duration

Gotta go fast!
+2-10% movement speed after running consistently for a short duration

On your toes
+4-20% movement speed boost for a short duration after dodging an attack

Escape artist
Snare and stun durations reduced by +10-50%

Keeping tempo
+3-15% damage after consistently running for a short duration

Encumbering presence
Any nearby enemies movement speed is slowed down by -5-25%

Breaking barriers
+6-30% armor of current movement speed increase

Melee combat[edit]

Melee combat experience is awarded per enemy hit, regardless of damage or kills. So punching multiple enemies repeatedly may be most efficient for levelling.

Each melee combat level increases your melee damage by 0.5%, for up to 50% at level 100.

Quick strikes
+2-10% melee attack speed

Building anger
Gain 2% melee damage every time an enemy is hit, stacks up to 2-10 times

Fast and furious
+2-10% chance on melee hit to increase melee attack speed by 50% for a short duration

Heavy swings
+3-15% chance to knockback

Stubborn fighter
Gain +3-15% melee damage when hitting the same target successively

Taking a step back
+4-20% chance on melee hit to increase range damage by 15%

Seething blade
10% chance on melee hit to restore +1-5% health

Strength of the Ancients
+4-20% damage against bosses


Vitality experience is awarded per enemy killed.

Each vitality skill level increases a character's max health by 1 hit point, for up to 100 at level 100.

Maxed out!
+6-30% of all skill points added to max health

Strong and healthy
+2-10% damage while at max health

Desperate fighter
+4-20% damage while at low health

Stayin' alive
Gain +0.2-1 health every sec while below half max health

Healing potency
+6-30% more healing from health over time regeneration

Lingering potions
Healing potions also heal for +6-30% of health gained from the potion over time

Protection of the Ancients
+3-15% reduced damage taken from bosses

Cheat death
+2-10% chance to restore a bit of health instead of dying when taking lethal damage


Main article: Crafting

Experience is awarded per craft, not per item crafted (when there are multiple). For example, when you craft wood bridges you will make 2 bridges. Crafting wood bridges doesn't give you 2x the XP because you make 2 bridges.

However, when holding down CTRL to craft multiple 10x at once, you will get 10x the XP as a single craft. The game treats this as 10 separate crafts.

Each crafting skill level increases your armor by 0.5%, for up to 50% at level 100.

Base builder
+6-30% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any wall, floor, bridge, or fence

The right tools in the right hands
+4-20% chance to not lose durability when using tools and weapons

High quality equipment
+4-20% chance to not lose durability on equipment when taking damage

+4-20% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any item at the alchemy table or distillery

Industry specialist
+1-5 extra items gained when crafting rails, wires, or conveyor belts

Crafting items at the anvil and repairing items costs 5-25% less materials

Jewelry crafter
+10-50% chance to gain a polished version of any item crafted at the jewelry workbench

+6-30% armor while at low health

Range combat[edit]

Range combat experience is awarded per enemy hit. So higher fire rates or piecing projectiles may be more efficient for levelling.

Each range combat skill increases your range damage by 0.5%, for up to 50% at level 100.

Rapid shots
+2-10% range attack speed

Keeping momentum
Gain 2% range damage every time an enemy is shot, stacks up to 2-10 times

Weakness detection
+2-10% chance on ranged hit to increase critical hit chance by 100% for a short duration

Slimy bullets
20% chance to slow down target by -8-40% on ranged hit

Charging in
+4-20% chance on ranged hit to increase melee damage by 15%

Stun shot
+4-20% chance to stun targets on ranged hit

Focused accuracy
+5-25% range damage after standing still for a short duration

Amplified precision
+8-40% critical hit damage


Main article: Gardening

An experience point is awarded for each fully grown plant manually harvested (not for wood).

Characters initially fail to retrieve seed from about 25% of the plants they harvest. Requiring more to be looted to maintain the same stock, until the Grateful gardener talent has 5 points in it.

Each gardening level increases a players extra harvest chance by 0.4%, for up to 40% at level 100. So able to gain an average of 14 vegetables for each 10 plants harvested.

Grateful gardener
+5-25% chance to gain a seed when harvesting plants

Eat your vegetables!
+5-25% food when eating plants or cooked food made out of plants

Bottomless water can
+10-50% chance to not consume water when using water can

Thorny weapons
+5-25% critical hit damage

Thorny skin
+10-50 thorns damage

Poison coated weapons
+5-25% chance to apply poison on hit, reduces enemy healing received by 75%

Expert gardener
+3-15% chance that plants planted by you become golden

Potent poison
+5-25% damage against poisoned targets


Main article Fishing

Each catch, fish or non-fish, awards one experience. Catching non-fish items avoids the reeling-in mini-game, so is faster and preferable for efficient levelling.

Each fishing skill level increases your fishing power by 1, for up to 100 at level 100.

Angler's advantage
Fish starts +3-15% closer to be reeled in

Fisherman's luck
+4-20% chance to get a fish on the hook

Improved bait
Fish bites +5-25% faster

Studied patterns
+2-10% dodge chance

Steady feet
+10-50% reduced impact of slippery movement

Throwing expert
+10-50% fishing rod throw range

Well-trained aim
+6-30% of fishing added as range damage

Power of Omega-3!
+3-15% damage against bosses after eating fish or cooked food made out of fish


Main Article: Cooking

Cooking experience is gained when taking cooked food dishes out of a Cooking Pot.

Each cooking Skill level increases your extra cooked food chance by 0.2%, for up to 20% at level 100.

Utilizing every nutrient
+5-25% food from cooked food

Not so picky
Well fed buffs are gained at +2-10% lower food

Healthy diet
Well fed buffs are +20-100% stronger

Fast food
+1-5% melee attack speed when eating cooked food

Long-lasting food
+6-30% longer cooked food buff durations

The smell of food
+4-20% damage dealt by you and all nearby allies

Master chef
+5-25% chance for additional food gained from cooking to be rare

Sharing is caring
+0.1-0.5 health every sec to you and all nearby allies
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