Octarine Workbench

Octarine Workbench
Octarine Workbench
Type Workbench
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Rarity Uncommon
Description Mystical workbench for creating extraordinary gear.



Workbench Scarlet Workbench
Result Octarine Workbench
Materials 50Coral plank
25Scarlet Bar
40Octarine Bar


Crafting workbench[edit]

Octarine Workbench

Octarine Pickaxe10Coral Wood 12Octarine Bar
Octarine Shovel10Coral Wood 10Octarine Bar
Octarine Bag15Fiber 5Wool 20Octarine Bar
Octarine Fishing Rod8Coral Wood 9Octarine Bar
Octarine Anvil15Octarine Bar
Proficient Jewelry Workbench30Coral plank 15Octarine Bar 10Gold Bar
Portal100Copper Bar 100Iron Bar 100Octarine Bar 200Coral plank 20Mechanical Part 30Ancient Gemstone
Fury Forge30Octarine Bar 15Scarlet Bar
Galaxite Workbench70Coral plank 30Octarine Bar 40Galaxite Bar
2Coral Wall1Limestone Wall 1Coral plank
2Coral Floor1Coral plank
2Coral Bridge1Coral plank
2Coral Fence1Coral plank
Coral Fence Gate1Coral plank 1Octarine Bar
Lit Floor1Limestone Wall 1Octarine Bar
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