Galaxite Anvil

Galaxite Anvil
Galaxite Anvil
Type Workbench
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Rarity Uncommon
Description A special anvil for creating otherwordly equipment.



Crafting stationGalaxite Workbench
ResultGalaxite Anvil
Materials25Galaxite Bar


Crafting station[edit]

Galaxite Anvil

Galaxite Helm33Galaxite Bar 18Octarine Bar 3Strolly Poly Plate
Galaxite Torso38Galaxite Bar 22Octarine Bar 5Strolly Poly Plate
Galaxite Pants35Galaxite Bar 20Octarine Bar 4Strolly Poly Plate
Galaxite Sword24Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Dagger20Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Chakram22Galaxite Bar
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