Type Machinery
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Common
Description Allows riding the railways.

Minecarts can be used for player transport by placing one down on a tile of Rail, then interacting with it to climb aboard.

Once aboard, they can be accelerated along a contiguous length of rail by pressing to move in that direction. Upon reaching their top speed of 14 tiles per second, they will continue moving at full speed until player pushes in the opposite direction, to slow them, or they reach the end of the line. Joining a new line at a T-shaped intersection will also cause the cart to stop abruptly, unless the player is holding a direction key at the time.

They allow quicker movement than running, for most of the game. They permit players to look at their inventory or map, while travelling. Riding them consumes no food, but also does not give any Running Skill points.



Workbench Railway Forge
Result Minecart
Materials 10Wood
10Tin Bar
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