Admin Key

Admin Key
Admin Key
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Rarity Epic
Description A reactivated key belonging to a wise leader. It may open the door to something very valuable.

Admin Key is a specially crafted Consumable item that is used to open a vault door in the unique Sunken Sea scene: ShrineMuralScene. This is always found in The Sunken Sea biome on a radius of 1000 tiles from The Core. See full guide.

Crafting the Access Key and opening The Vault
Crafting the Access Key and opening The Vault



Workbench Empty Crystal
Result Admin Key
Materials 1Shutdown Protocol
1Anomaly Report
1Overwrite Transcript


It is consumed by placing it into the slot of the vault door. Opening it to loot the Glyph Parchment from a sparkling Titan's Chest at the far end. This an essential material for crafting the Phantom Spark legendary bow. See full guide.

ShrineMuralScene (AKA 'The Vault') with door opened using the key
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