A museum of valuables

Valuables are rare items with mostly no utility beyond their high value when sold to NPCs. However, a few of them are unique in each world and players often choose to just collect them. Occasionally building displays to show off their aesthetic value.

Sprite Name Sell value Description
Dry Butterfly 23Ancient Coin A dead insect void of any moisture. It is nice to look at but needs to be handled with care.
Ear Plate 20Ancient Coin A squarish earring plated with gold.
Fungal Bone 15Ancient Coin Rotten with mold down to the marrow, its owner must have suffered greatly.
Geode 33Ancient Coin Half of a rock with beautiful crystals inside.
Golden Feather 75Ancient Coin It's big and shiny, a must have for collectors.
Grub Knot 17Ancient Coin A mutated lump of small grubs. Disgusting.
Hard Thorn 15Ancient Coin A sturdy wooden thorn, someone may have a use for it.
Leaf Fossil 25Ancient Coin Proof of a once flourishing environment.
Mechanical Arm 45Ancient Coin An overgrown piece of ancient technology. The joints are stiff but it must have performed remarkable tasks in the past.
Ocarina 78Ancient Coin A timeless instrument.
Old Amulet 21Ancient Coin Brittle stone jewelry. Too small to be worn by a human.
Old Spore Mask 100Ancient Coin An old mask protecting against air-borne spores. It's broken but may still fetch a good price.
Petrified Coral 46Ancient Coin Grey and porous piece of a giant eco system. The ocean it belonged to seems long gone.
Petrified Egg 18Ancient Coin Fossilized egg shell, it feels light and brittle.
Precious Urn 32Ancient Coin A pretty decorative without any cracks and blemishes but its original contents are long gone.
Rusty Spoon 3Ancient Coin An old, corroded eating utensil. Almost every culture has invented it.
Stone Cap 17Ancient Coin Rock-hard mushrooms attached to a stone slate. They look edible but are actually fossilized.
Triangle Trinket 50Ancient Coin A strange gold piece vibrating with energy.
Twisted Agate 36Ancient Coin A green gem shaped like a spiral.
Amber Chunk 18Ancient Coin Solid remains of an ancient forest. The light it reflects is warm and golden.
Amber Fish Egg 31Ancient Coin A perfectly preserved fish egg encapsulated in amber. How those two combined is a mystery.
Ammonite 29Ancient Coin The petrified shell of an ancient sea creature.
Balloon Spore 10Ancient Coin A fluffy giant spore. It's non-toxic but also not very useful.
Blood Skull 27Ancient Coin The crimson remains of someone meeting a terrible fate.
Bone Creole 35Ancient Coin A crude piece of jewelry carved from bone.
Broken Core Idol 52Ancient Coin A familiar-looking object.
Caveling Doll 200Ancient Coin A handmade doll found in a grave. It must once have belonged to a child...
Caveling Skull 10Ancient Coin Remains of what was once a proud civilization.
Chipped Plate 50Ancient Coin An old stone plate. What kind of food has been served on it?
Ritual Goblet 120Ancient Coin An ancient chalice made from stone and gems. Its insides are layered with dark red residue.
Small Caveling Skull 80Ancient Coin A caveling skull, smaller than usual. It hints at a tragic story.
Parasite Fossil 22Ancient Coin The petrified remains of an ancient parasite, it is uncertain if it's really dead.
Rainbow Kelp 63Ancient Coin A super rare mutation of common kelp, showing off a variety of colors.
Soft Sponge 19Ancient Coin A soft, squishy sponge. Time to take a bath!
Adder Stone 17Ancient Coin A porous smooth stone, some believe it wards off evil spirits.
Caveling Medal 77Ancient Coin Minted medallion with a face relief. Has it been awarded to someone extraordinary once?
Caveling Perfume 58Ancient Coin A blue fragrance bottle. It is tightly sealed but emits a heavenly scent.
Ceremonial Flute 46Ancient Coin An ancient, precious instrument but it is clogged.
Data Slate 85Ancient Coin A stone disc with peculiar engravings, it must contain mysterious records.
Enhydro Crystal 99Ancient Coin Ancient water is encapsulated in this beautiful crystal. It's been in there for millions of years.
Feather Fish Scale 28Ancient Coin Scale of the Feather Fish, it is sturdy but as light as a feather.
Giant Germ 16Ancient Coin A big bacterium wiggling around in your hand, fascinating and gross at the same time.
Giant Mite 58Ancient Coin A motionless crimson critter. It just sits there...watching...
Golden Cocoon 66Ancient Coin A gold-plated chrysalis, this doesn't seem to be its final form.
Golden Starfish 47Ancient Coin A razorsharp ocean critter polished clean by currents.
Grub Pearl 75Ancient Coin Is it a grub-shaped pearl or a pearl-like grub?
Lost Paddle 14Ancient Coin Somewhere someone must paddle around in circles.
Mildew Leaf 27Ancient Coin A leaf with white mold spots on it, apart from that it looks unscathed.
Mold Dew 100Ancient Coin Golden-colored dew that emanated from mold spores, maybe someone can find a use for it.
Mold Shell 23Ancient Coin The fuzzy, pale housing of a critter that has moved on.
Mucus Amoeba 19Ancient Coin A slimy giant amoeba, it seems to be looking at you.
Mysterious Doll Set 100Ancient Coin A pair of green dolls wearing clothes, sitting together they look like great pals.
Ancient Gem Plate 49Ancient Coin This shimmering plate has intricate engravings, it looks like a key to something.
Antique Board Game 63Ancient Coin An ancient game for two players, there is no rulebook but apparently it was about shifting blocks around.
Early Human Skull 28Ancient Coin Remains of a human that lived about 200.000 years ago. Has mankind found these caves before?
Golden Caveling Mask 89Ancient Coin An intricate mask with a stern expression, probably used in a ritual or by someone of high ranks.
Music Bowl 57Ancient Coin A precious bowl holding a golden cylinder. It plays a faint, almost melancholic melody.
Old Journal 17Ancient Coin A leather-bound book with crumbly pages. It is written in familiar letters but a language you don't know.
Seismic Clock 51Ancient Coin This broken device looks like it was able to predict earthquakes.
Bubble Pearl 90Ancient Coin A beautiful, iridescent pearl. It seems to be hollow.
Black Bubble Pearl 150Ancient Coin A black variant of the bubble pearl, from certain angles it appears golden.
Sealed Beverage 68Ancient Coin An unknown liquid slushes inside when shaken. Is there an ancient corkscrew around?
Shark Tooth 37Ancient Coin It's as big as the palm of a hand, meeting with a row of those will end up fatal.
Forked Coral 29Ancient Coin A trident-shaped coral, not very valuable but nice to look at.
Petrified Trilobite 33Ancient Coin The fossil of a long gone critter species. They are ancestors of a big variety of lifeforms.
Rusty Fishing Hook 14Ancient Coin Rusted to the core and unusable. That fish was too big to handle, pal.
Fish Fossil 23Ancient Coin The imprint of an ancient fish on a rock slate.
Fizzy Crystal 69Ancient Coin A bubbly stone that is as clear as water. It weighs almost nothing.
Caveling Effigy 107Ancient Coin A small depiction of a caveling, it's hollow and must have been used for storing small goods.
Processor Chip 203Ancient Coin This intricate, golden chip seems technically very advanced and must have computed complex calculations.
Playing Dice 56Ancient Coin A playing dice with unique symbols on each face. It's probably been used in sets and for multiple different games.
Golden Whistle 233Ancient Coin A small golden whistle with unknown purpose. The sounds it emits is almost unnoticable.
Bent Fork 28Ancient Coin A simple fork that has seen too much use.
Caveling Cup 74Ancient Coin This small drinking that cup must have held many different beverages. There is still a faint smell of something sweet.
Giant Squid Eye 97Ancient Coin A sensory organ of a big sea creature. It probably was lost in a fight to death with something even bigger.
Golden Needle 127Ancient Coin This little treasure was used to hold the robe of a caveling scholar in place.
Polished Shell 101Ancient Coin A mirror-like smooth shell that was ground down by currents and swirling sand from the sea ground.
Opabinia Fossil 157Ancient Coin The petrified body of an prehistoric sea critter. They were one of the first apex predators to appear in the ancient oceans of earth.
Screen Device 144Ancient Coin A small device made from blue glass, perfectly fitting into your hand. It's touch sensitive and scrolls through images and glyphs.
Timeless Hourglass 194Ancient Coin An intact hourglass, filled with blue sand. It is not clear what period of time it measures, as the sand seems to fall incredibly slowly.
Luxurious Handmirror 187Ancient Coin A hand-held mirror in great condition. Clearly someone had a sense of beauty.
Crystal Sphere 235Ancient Coin A small orb made from deep-blue glass. It's purpose is unknown.
Blue Glass Shard 43Ancient Coin A piece of deep blue glass, it appears to be a fusion of molten sand and ancient gemstones.
Charred Caveling Skull 37Ancient Coin A small skull burnt dark to the marrow. Exposure to intense heat for a long time causes something like this to happen.
Caveling Sandal 26Ancient Coin This simple footwear is perfect as a protection against hot desert sand. Unfortunately it's too small to be worn by a human.
Worker Handcuff 34Ancient Coin Cast from thick metal this tool seemed to be attached to a chain. Has it been used to keep the unlawful from running away?
Crystal Spearhead 83Ancient Coin The leftovers of a crude prehistoric weapon made with an ancient gemstone. It may have helped early humans to hunt more effectively.
Melting Lava Wing 28Ancient Coin The wing of a lava butterfly, swinging it causes spark to fly off in all directions.
Plume Ball 15Ancient Coin A bundle of leaves that grows on plume trees.
Pickaxe Head 27Ancient Coin The top part of an iron pickaxe that is partially molten. It must have been broken while working under extreme conditions.
Desert Diamond 222Ancient Coin A very rare crystal sparkling with a beautiful white light.
Black Desert Diamond 333Ancient Coin The black variant of a desert diamond that is highly sought after by miners. It seems to invert reflected light and cast it back as shadows.
Bag of Marbles 113Ancient Coin A small bag holding multiple colored marbles made from glass and cheap gemstones. They have probably been used for child's games.
Ancient Golden Coin 500Ancient Coin This coin cast in gold seems to be a much older currency than the common ancient coins. It's also worth a whole lot more.
Incense Bowl 49Ancient Coin A porcelain bowl with blue details on the edge and dark residue in its centre. The smell that still lingers around it eases the senses.
Ancient Makeup Set 138Ancient Coin A small wooden box containing all kinds of brushes, pastes and powders that have been used for makeup.
Caveling Prophet Mask 127Ancient Coin This intricate mask seems to have been worn by an important spiritual figure.
Frozen Flame 117Ancient Coin A gemstone that is shaped like crystalline fire.
Broken Gourd 23Ancient Coin A broken container made from clay. It was used to carry rations of water across the desert.
Kingfish Scale 98Ancient Coin This beautiful scale seems to belong to a truly extraordinary fish.
Broken Toy Ship 62Ancient Coin A leaking wooden ship that is missing its sail.
Ancient Fishing Hook 24Ancient Coin A very old design for a fishing hook that is not used anymore.
Fusion Alloy 67Ancient Coin Looks like a failed experiment to create a new type of alloy. It is too hard to be usable in any way.
Starlight Shards 103Ancient Coin A collection of sparkling colorful crystals. If they grew natural or not remains a mystery.
White Whistle 250Ancient Coin A rare artifact made from precious, white stone. It doesn't produce a sound when you try to use it.
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