Copper Bar

Copper Bar
Copper Bar
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Rarity Common
Description A simple metal ingot for blacksmithing.




Workbench Furnace
Result Copper Bar
Materials 1Copper Ore


Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Basic Workbench Copper Pickaxe 4Wood 2Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Copper Shovel 4Wood 2Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Copper Sword 6Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Copper Hoe 4Wood 2Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Small Lantern 4Copper Bar 5Slime
Basic Workbench Watering Can 4Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Cooking Pot 2Wood 6Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Salvage and Repair Station 5Wood 5Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Copper Anvil 8Copper Bar
Basic Workbench Tin Workbench 1Wood 6Copper Bar 15Tin Bar
Basic Workbench Wood Door 4Wood 2Copper Bar
Iron Workbench Electronics Table 8Wood 8Copper Bar 8Iron Bar
Copper Anvil Copper Helm 8Copper Bar
Copper Anvil Copper Breastplate 11Copper Bar
Copper Anvil Copper Pants 9Copper Bar
Tin Anvil Bronze Helm 4Copper Bar 4Tin Bar 3Fiber
Tin Anvil Bronze Breastplate 6Copper Bar 6Tin Bar 4Fiber
Tin Anvil Bronze Pants 5Copper Bar 5Tin Bar 5Fiber
Glurch Eye Slime Sword 8Copper Bar 8Tin Bar 15Slime
Jewelry Workbench Copper Cross Necklace 10Copper Bar
Electronics Table Electricity Generator 10Copper Bar 5Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Electronics Table Lamp 2Copper Bar 2Iron Bar
Electronics Table 3Electrical Wire 1Copper Bar
Electronics Table Lever 1Wood 1Copper Bar 1Iron Bar
Electronics Table Electricity Stick 1Wood 2Copper Bar
Electronics Table Delay Circuit 1Copper Bar 1Iron Bar
Electronics Table Logic Circuit 1Copper Bar 1Iron Bar
Ancient Hologram Pod Large Shiny Glimmering Object 10Copper Bar 10Tin Bar 10Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar 5Gold Bar 3Ancient Gemstone
Carpenter's Table Painting 8Wood 2Copper Bar 2Tin Bar
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