Iron Workbench

Iron Workbench
Iron Workbench
Type Workbench
Rarity Common
Description Essential workbench for survival in the underground.



Workbench Tin Workbench
Result Iron Workbench
Materials 10Wood
10Tin Bar
15Iron Bar


Crafting workbench[edit]

Iron Workbench

Iron Pickaxe4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Shovel4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Hoe4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Bucket10Iron Bar
Large Watering Can10Iron Bar
Iron Fishing Rod5Wood 5Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Smelter Kiln5Tin Bar 5Iron Bar
Iron Anvil10Iron Bar
Jewelry Workbench8Plank 8Iron Bar 4Gold Bar
Key Casting Table10Plank 8Iron Bar
Cartography Table40Plank 10Iron Bar
Scarlet Workbench10Tin Bar 15Iron Bar 20Scarlet Bar
2Stone Bricks Wall2Stone Wall
2Stone Floor1Stone Wall
2Stone Bridge1Stone Wall
2Stone Fence2Stone Wall
Stone Fence Gate2Stone Wall 2Iron Bar
Stone Door4Stone Wall
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