Galaxite Workbench

Galaxite Workbench
Galaxite Workbench
Type Workbench
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Rarity Rare
Description Otherwordly workbench that helps tremendously to survive in the deepest caves.



Crafting stationOctarine Workbench
ResultGalaxite Workbench
Materials70Coral plank
30Octarine Bar
40Galaxite Bar


Crafting station[edit]

Galaxite Workbench

Galaxite Pickaxe20Coral plank 20Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Shovel18Coral plank 18Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Fishing Rod17Coral plank 17Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Anvil25Galaxite Bar
Go-Kart Workbench70Coral plank 35Galaxite Bar 20Scarlet Bar
Galaxite Trap3Galaxite Bar 2Magma Slime
Galaxite Turret15Galaxite Bar 4Mechanical Part
2Galaxite Wall1Galaxite Bar
2Galaxite Floor1Galaxite Bar
2Galaxite Bridge1Galaxite Bar
2Galaxite Fence1Coral plank 1Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Fence Gate1Coral plank 2Galaxite Bar
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