Icon Name Description
A Slimey Encounter A Slimey Encounter Defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass
Bugging Out Bugging Out Defeat Ghorm the Devourer
Watch Your Step Watch Your Step Defeat The Hive Mother
From the Skies! From the Skies! Defeat Azeos the Sky Titan
You're a Wizard You're a Wizard Defeat Malugaz the Corrupted
Toxic Personality Toxic Personality Defeat Ivy the Poisonous Mass
From the Depths! From the Depths! Defeat Omoroth the Sea Titan
Slippery When Wet Slippery When Wet Defeat Morpha the Aquatic Mass
Just Deserts Just Deserts Defeat Ra-Akar the Sand Titan
Burning Through Burning Through Defeat Igneous the Molten Mass
Slippery Shinobi Slippery Shinobi Defeat King Slime
Diggy Diggy Hole Diggy Diggy Hole Gain 100 skill points in mining
Cheese it! Cheese it! Gain 100 skill points in cooking
Completely Hooked Completely Hooked Gain 100 skill points in fishing
Nature Nurturer Nature Nurturer Gain 100 skill points in gardening
...Sting like a bee ...Sting like a bee Gain 100 skill points in melee
Robin Hood Robin Hood Gain 100 skill points in range
Health Conscious Health Conscious Gain 100 skill points in vitality
Float like a butterfly... Float like a butterfly... Gain 100 skill points in running
Crafty Explorer Crafty Explorer Gain 100 skill points in crafting
The Heart of the Cards The Heart of the Cards Obtain the Oracle Card deck
The Rune Song The Rune Song Obtain Rune Song
The Phantom Spark The Phantom Spark Obtain Phantom Spark
The Soul Seeker The Soul Seeker Obtain Soul Seeker
Gossip Group Gossip Group Talk to a Big Larva
Legendary Fossil Legendary Fossil Catch a Starlight Nautilus
In a Rush In a Rush Gain over 200% movement speed
Certified Chef Certified Chef Discover 100 recipes in the cook book
Farmer Midas Farmer Midas Harvest a golden plant
A Throne Fit for a King A Throne Fit for a King Sit on a Caveling Toilet while wearing a crown
Rock and Stone! Rock and Stone! Equip the Ring of Rock and Ring of Stone
Impersonator Syndrome Impersonator Syndrome Dress like a character from the official illustrations
5 Centimeters Per Second 5 Centimeters Per Second Plant 10 Cherry Trees
Pet Prodigy Pet Prodigy Reached Reached max level on a pet
Your Very First Your Very First Hatched your first pet from an egg
Gotta Catch em' All Gotta Catch em' All Stored all color variations of one pet type in a chest
A Good Life A Good Life Fed Cattle
Thalassophobia Thalassophobia Defeated an Atlantean Worm

A Strange Song

A Strange Song Played the Tune of Tempest
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