Acid Larva

Acid Larva
Acid Larva
Location The Clay Caves
Larva Hive Biome
Aggressive Yes
Faction Larva
Health 1

Acid Larva are an enemy mob found in The Clay Caves and Larva Hive Biome. They are spawned while fighting The Hive Mother. But have no associated enemy spawn surface tile.


They attack by rushing and exploding on contact, doing damage and spreading Ground Acid Slime. However, they only have one health and will not explode if damaged before impact.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to acid damage


Type Damage
Explosion 50


Hive Mother adds give no drops. Only Acid Larva spawned during terrain generation can be farmed for drops, such as their unique trophy.

Item Chance
Nothing 48.19%
Ground Acid Slime 24.1%
Larva Meat 6.02%
Grub Kapok Seed 3.01%
Heart Berry Seed 6.02%
Bomb Pepper Seed 6.02%
Fiber 6.02%
Acid Larva Figurine 0.6%
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