Metropolis Crate

Metropolis Crate
Metropolis Crate
Type Decoration
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Rarity Common
Description This precious container holds useful items that have been used by citizens of the ancient city.

Metropolis Crate drops various loot when broken, typically found in the Forlorn Metropolis.



Item Chance
Nothing 24.39%
1-2Coral Wood 14.63%
2-3Scrap Parts 14.63%
Octarine Ore 14.63%
Ancient Gemstone 3.9%
Mechanical Part 3.9%
Sealed Beverage 2.44%
Shark Tooth 2.44%
Rusty Fishing Hook 3.9%
Fizzy Crystal 0.73%
Greater Healing Potion 2.44%
Keen Potion 2.44%
Guardian's Potion 1.22%
Enrage Potion 2.44%
Stoneskin Potion 2.44%
Large Bomb 2.44%
Timeless Hourglass 0.49%
Screen Device 0.49%
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