Ancient Coin

Ancient Coin
Ancient Coin
Description Valuable ancient coin, currency of the underground.

Ancient Coins are a stackable item used as a currency to buy items from the limited inventories of merchant NPCs. Players can also sell an unlimited quantity of any item to any merchant. Each item will always sell for the same amount. But many items have zero value (e.g. Wood).

Ancient Coins are also dropped in small amounts by certain Enemies and can be looted from some chests.


The best items to sell for a lot of money:

  • Valuables - have the highest sale prices, but are so rare that most players prefer to collect and display them.
  • Chest - crafted at at the Basic Workbench using 5Wood and only sell for 1Ancient Coin. But, in conjunction with an efficient wood farm, can be a reasonable way to make a small amount of money while levelling up the Crafting skill.
  • Conveyor Belt - perhaps the fastest way to make a large amount of money. Crafted at the Automation Table. They sell for 18Ancient Coin and can be crafted 10 at a time with 5 points in the Industry specialist talent of the Crafting Skill tree. This gives 5 free of these items per craft.
  • Cooked food - may be produced in excess, late game. When aiming for rare and epic versions from golden veg, the vast majority of resultant dishes fall short and may not be considered for consumption by the player. Cooking does not add any additional value over the base price of the ingredients, but will award cooking experience, too.
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