This is a list of all the stand alone guide pages and the more involved explanation sections embedded in various other pages.


   Getting started in Core Keeper
Progression guide for items and bosses
Managing save data
How to setup a dedicated server
Overriding the current seasonal event


How to Get the Rune Song Legendary Sword
How to Get the Phantom Spark Legendary Bow


These strategy sections each explain guaranteed cheese methods, as well as general melee and range strategies.

Glurch fight strategy - cheese method applies to all slime bosses.
Ghorm fight strategy
Hive Mother fight strategy
Malugaz fight strategy


AFK mining skill farming
Melee, Range and Vitality farmed on Hive Mother mobs

Character Builds[edit]

Max health - All the items, skills and buffs need to reach the highest possible hp.

Base Building[edit]

Merchant NPC housing requirements

Farming & automation[edit]

Spike trap usage - In farming enemies and bosses.
Ore Boulder mining - Getting started using Drills to extract much more metal of every type.


Door stuck to bed early game teleportation
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