Type Machinery
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Rarity Common
Melee damage 11-13
Mining damage 60
Description Can slowly drill through tougher materials such as ore boulders when powered with electricity.

Drill's key use is for mining Ore Boulders. But they can also serve in various other automation setups. When powered by an Electricity Generator they deal an average of 12 damage every 2 seconds (6 dps) to almost any object in the drill head tile. They also act like a two tile long section of Conveyor Belt, moving loose items to the back of themselves. Or pulling players, enemies or NPCs against their front.



Workbench Automation Table
Result Drill
Materials 10Iron Bar
10Scarlet Bar


Example of a compact 8-drill mine
Example of a 8-drill Boulder mining setup with a Conveyor Belt system and Robot Arm feeding a Smelter Kiln to automatically produce Scarlet Bars.

From 1 to 8 drills can be used simultaneously on a single Boulder. More increase the speed of ore production, albeit with a diminishing rate of increase. Main article: Ore Boulders. Ore is produced per boulder and so may appear from the the same drill every time, while working correctly.

Drills can also be used for wood farming.

A more creative use of Drill's conveyor effect, is to pull loose items off the top of chests they failed to fit into. Which enables auto-sorting setups. This requires a pulsed power system, to prevent the drills breaking the chests.

Drills can break any minable wall in the game. Even before player can break them with a pickaxe. This is most relevant for the tougher Mold Biome and Forlorn Metropolis walls.

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