Gold Bar

Gold Bar
Gold Bar
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Rarity Rare
Description A soft metal ingot for blacksmithing and jewelry.




Workbench Smelter Kiln
Result Gold Bar
Materials 1Gold Ore


Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Malugaz the Corrupted 4-7Gold Bar 16.21% 5-7


Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Iron Workbench Iron Pickaxe 4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Workbench Iron Shovel 4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Workbench Iron Hoe 4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Workbench Iron Sword 8Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Workbench Iron Fishing Rod 5Wood 5Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Workbench Jewelry Workbench 8Wood 8Iron Bar 4Gold Bar
Octarine Workbench Proficient Jewelry Workbench 30Coral plank 15Octarine Bar 10Gold Bar
Iron Anvil Iron Helm 10Iron Bar 1Gold Bar 5Fiber
Iron Anvil Iron Breastplate 15Iron Bar 3Gold Bar 6Fiber
Iron Anvil Iron Pants 13Iron Bar 2Gold Bar 6Fiber
Octarine Anvil Octarine Helm 25Octarine Bar 13Scarlet Bar 5Gold Bar
Octarine Anvil Octarine Breastplate 30Octarine Bar 15Scarlet Bar 7Gold Bar
Octarine Anvil Octarine Pants 27Octarine Bar 14Scarlet Bar 6Gold Bar
Jewelry Workbench Gold Crystal Necklace 10Gold Bar 1Ancient Gemstone
Jewelry Workbench Gold Crystal Ring 8Gold Bar 1Ancient Gemstone
Proficient Jewelry Workbench Golden Spike Ring 10Iron Bar 25Gold Bar
Electronics Table Electricity Generator 10Copper Bar 5Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Ancient Hologram Pod Large Shiny Glimmering Object 10Copper Bar 10Tin Bar 10Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar 5Gold Bar 3Ancient Gemstone
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