Giant Mushroom

Giant Mushroom
Giant Mushroom
Type Food
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Rarity Rare
Effects +15 food
+25 max health (only once)
Can be cooked Yes
Description The king of all mushrooms, growing in perfect conditions made it unusually large.

Giant Mushrooms are a consumable and cooking ingredient that will give a player +25 permanent max health. This specific effect can only be applied once to each character.


Individually spawned Giant Mushroom in the Clay biome

Individual Giant Mushrooms are spawned randomly in Dirt Biome and The Clay Caves biomes during map generation, with a probability of 1 in 3300 per ground tile. They will be surrounded by a few randomly placed regular mushrooms.

The best method for farming them is to create new worlds to quickly raid the dirt biome using a Grubzooka. Expect 1 to 3 in an entire dirt biome and perhaps 2-5 per world, possibly including their set piece scene.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Shrooman Giant Mushroom 0.22% 1


Cooking ingredient[edit]

Effects when cooked
+31 food
+25 permanent max health (additive)
+24 max health for 5 min

Version history[edit]

  • 0.4.7 - Added a new version of the Giant Mushroom that applies the permanent health effect only once. The old version of this item can still stack health and remains in the game but can no longer be acquired.
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