Part of a crafting area with various workbenches adjacent to chests, so they can draw materials directly from them

Crafting is the creation of new items from materials. Most commonly at a crafting station, but sometimes in-hand.

Skill tree[edit]

Experience is awarded per craft, not per item crafted (when there are multiple). For example, when you craft wood bridges you will make 2 bridges. Crafting wood bridges doesn't give you 2x the XP because you make 2 bridges.

However, when holding down CTRL to craft multiple 10x at once, you will get 10x the XP as a single craft. The game treats this as 10 separate crafts.

Each crafting skill level increases your armor by 0.5%, for up to 50% at level 100.

Base builder
+6-30% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any wall, floor, bridge, or fence

The right tools in the right hands
+4-20% chance to not lose durability when using tools and weapons

High quality equipment
+4-20% chance to not lose durability on equipment when taking damage

+4-20% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any item at the alchemy table or distillery

Industry specialist
+1-5 extra items gained when crafting rails, wires, or conveyor belts

Crafting items at the anvil and repairing items costs 5-25% less materials

Jewelry crafter
+10-50% chance to gain a polished version of any item crafted at the jewelry workbench

+6-30% armor while at low health

By hand[edit]

Result Materials
3Torch 1Wood
Wood Pickaxe 4Wood
Wood Shovel 4Wood
Basic Workbench 8Wood

Crafting stations[edit]

Basic Workbench

Wooden Sword5Wood
Wooden Hoe4Wood
Watering Can4Copper Bar
Wood Helm4Wood
Wood Chest6Wood
Wood Pants5Wood
Furnace20Dirt Wall
Cooking Pot2Wood 4Copper Bar
Salvage and Repair Station5Wood 5Copper Bar
Feeding Tray10Wood 5Copper Bar
Copper Workbench8Wood 6Copper Bar
2Wood Wall1Wood 1Dirt Wall
2Wood Floor1Wood
Wood Door4Wood 2Copper Bar
2Wood Bridge1Wood
2Wood Fence2Wood
Wood Fence Gate2Wood 2Tin Bar

Tin Workbench

Tin Pickaxe4Wood 3Tin Bar
Tin Shovel4Wood 3Tin Bar
Tin Hoe4Wood 3Tin Bar
Bug Net8Wood 8Fiber
Explorer Backpack5Tin Bar 10Fiber
Tin Fishing Rod5Wood 4Tin Bar
Tin Anvil8Tin Bar
Bait Workbench8Wood 5Tin Bar
Alchemist's Table8Wood 8Slime 5Tin Bar
Automation Table5Copper Bar 8Tin Bar
Music Workbench8Wood 5Fiber
Iron Workbench10Wood 10Tin Bar 15Iron Bar
2Straw-bale Wall1Wood 1Meadow Wall
2Woven Straw Floor1Wood 1Meadow Ground
Loose Flooring1Clay Wall
Spike Trap1Tin Bar
Loom10Wood 4Fiber 4Wool

Iron Workbench

Iron Pickaxe4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Shovel4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Hoe4Wood 4Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Bucket10Iron Bar
Large Watering Can10Iron Bar
Iron Fishing Rod5Wood 5Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Smelter Kiln5Tin Bar 5Iron Bar
Iron Anvil10Iron Bar
Jewelry Workbench8Plank 8Iron Bar 4Gold Bar
Key Casting Table10Plank 8Iron Bar
Cartography Table40Plank 10Iron Bar
Scarlet Workbench10Tin Bar 15Iron Bar 20Scarlet Bar
2Stone Bricks Wall2Stone Wall
2Stone Floor1Stone Wall
2Stone Bridge1Stone Wall
2Stone Fence2Stone Wall
Stone Fence Gate2Stone Wall 2Iron Bar
Stone Door4Stone Wall

Scarlet Workbench

Scarlet Pickaxe4Tin Bar 6Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Shovel6Scarlet Bar 2Iron Bar
Scarlet Hoe6Scarlet Bar 2Tin Bar
Orb Lantern8Scarlet Bar 8Slime
Scarlet Shell Backpack10Scarlet Bar 3Wool 3Strolly Poly Plate
Scarlet Fishing Rod5Wood 7Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Anvil15Scarlet Bar
Distillery Table25Plank 8Poison Slime 10Scarlet Bar
Boat Workbench50Plank 15Scarlet Bar
Octarine Workbench50Coral plank 20Scarlet Bar 30Octarine Bar
2Scarlet Wall1Iron Bar 1Scarlet Bar
2Scarlet Floor1Scarlet Bar
2Scarlet Bridge1Scarlet Bar
2Scarlet Fence1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Fence Gate1Iron Bar 1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Door2Iron Bar 2Scarlet Bar

Copper Anvil

Copper Helm6Copper Bar
Copper Breastplate8Copper Bar
Copper Pants7Copper Bar
Copper Sword5Copper Bar
Wood Bow15Wood
Wooden Shield10Wood 5Copper Bar

Tin Anvil

Bronze Helm4Tin Bar 4Copper Bar 3Fiber
Bronze Breastplate6Tin Bar 6Copper Bar 4Fiber
Bronze Pants5Tin Bar 5Copper Bar 5Fiber
Tin Sword7Tin Bar
Tin Axe9Tin Bar
Tin Dagger7Tin Bar
Slingshot3Tin Bar 10Wood

Iron Anvil

Iron Helm10Iron Bar 1Gold Bar 5Fiber
Iron Breastplate15Iron Bar 3Gold Bar 6Fiber
Iron Pants13Iron Bar 2Gold Bar 6Fiber
Iron Sword8Iron Bar 1Gold Bar
Iron Bow7Iron Bar 1Gold Bar 5Wood

Scarlet Anvil

Scarlet Helm13Scarlet Bar 2Iron Bar 3Wool
Scarlet Breastplate18Scarlet Bar 3Iron Bar 5Wool
Scarlet Pants16Scarlet Bar 4Iron Bar 4Wool
Scarlet Sword4Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Dagger4Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar


Copper Bar1Copper Ore
Tin Bar1Tin Ore
Iron Bar1Iron Ore

Smelter Kiln

Gold Bar1Gold Ore
Scarlet Bar1Scarlet Ore
Octarine Bar1Octarine Ore

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Painter's Table

Yellow Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Blue Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Red Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Green Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Purple Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Brown Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
White Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Black Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Orange Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Cyan Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Pink Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood
Grey Paint Brush3Slime 1Wood

Carpenter's Table

Wood Stool6Wood
Wood Table12Wood
Wooden Pillar10Wood
Wash Basin5Wood 2Slime
Dresser12Wood 5Copper Bar
Magic Mirror5Copper Bar 8Tin Bar
Decorative Torch1Wood
Decorative Pot6Clay Wall 2Stone Wall
Painting8Wood 2Copper Bar 2Tin Bar
Seasonal Calendar5Wood 8Fiber

Jewelry Workbench

Copper Cross Necklace10Copper Bar
Iron Chunk Necklace10Iron Bar
Gold Crystal Necklace10Gold Bar 1Ancient Gemstone
Gold Crystal Ring8Gold Bar 1Ancient Gemstone
Glow Tulip Ring10Glow Tulip 10Iron Bar
Swift Ring12Iron Bar 3Ancient Gemstone

Alchemist's Table

Healing Potion3Slime 3Heart Berry
Enrage Potion3Slime 3Larva Meat
Stoneskin Potion3Slime 3Carrock
Crude Bomb1Bomb Pepper 1Slime
Bomb3Bomb Pepper 2Slime
Explosives Deposit1Clay Wall 2Bomb Pepper

Distillery Table

Greater Healing Potion3Poison Slime 5Heart Berry
Keen Potion3Poison Slime 1Azure Feather Fish
Guardian's Potion3Slippery Slime 3Puffungi 1Ancient Gemstone
Poison Aid Potion10Poison Slime
Large Bomb5Bomb Pepper 3Poison Slime
Slime10Ground Slime
Poison Slime10Ground Poison Slime
Slippery Slime10Ground Slippery Slime
Magma Slime10Ground Magma Slime

Electronics Table

Electricity Generator10Copper Bar
Lamp2Copper Bar 4Glass Piece
Electrical Door5Iron Bar 1Mechanical Part
Table Saw8Wood 5Copper Bar 5Iron Bar
Dynamite Pack2Bomb Pepper 2Slime 1Tin Bar
Electricity Stick2Copper Bar
3Electrical Wire1Copper Bar
Lever3Wood 2Copper Bar
Pressure Plate2Copper Bar 2Tin Bar
Cross Circuit1Copper Bar
Delay Circuit2Copper Bar
Logic Circuit2Copper Bar

Automation Table

5Conveyor Belt2Tin Bar
Crude Drill8Tin Bar
Drill10Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar
Robot Arm5Iron Bar 5Scarlet Bar
Sprinkler8Scarlet Bar 8Iron Bar

Railway Forge

5Rail2Wood 1Copper Bar
Wonky Minecart10Wood 6Copper Bar
Minecart10Iron Bar 6Tin Bar

Ancient Hologram Pod

Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner5Ancient Gemstone 5Mechanical Part 10Ancient Feather
Ivy the Poisonous Mass Scanner8Ancient Gemstone 8Mechanical Part 90Poison Slime
Omoroth the Sea Titan Scanner10Ancient Gemstone 10Mechanical Part 20Sea Shell
Morpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner10Ancient Gemstone 10Mechanical Part 90Slippery Slime
Ra-Akar the Sand Titan Scanner20Ancient Gemstone 20Mechanical Part 40Scarab Wingcover
Igneous the Molten Mass Scanner20Ancient Gemstone 20Mechanical Part 120Magma Slime
Large Shiny Glimmering Object10Copper Bar 10Tin Bar 10Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar 5Gold Bar 3Ancient Gemstone
Expert Lure1Purple Bait 30Spicy Bait 30Sweet Bait 30Glowing Bait 30Octarine Bar 10Ancient Gemstone
Thumper50Fiber 50Plank 30Scarlet Bar 30Galaxite Bar 10Mechanical Part 20Ancient Gemstone

Bait Workbench

5Spicy Bait1Bomb Pepper
5Sweet Bait1Heart Berry
5Glowing Bait1Glow Tulip
5Sticky Bait1Larva Meat

Proficient Jewelry Workbench

Coral Amulet80Coral Wood
Scarlet Chunk Necklace35Scarlet Bar
Octarine Necklace30Octarine Bar 5Ancient Gemstone
Magnetic Ring30Iron Bar
Golden Spike Ring10Iron Bar 25Gold Bar
Octarine Ring20Octarine Bar 5Ancient Gemstone

Boat Workbench

Boat80Plank 50Scarlet Bar 20Mechanical Part
Speeder200Coral plank 120Octarine Bar 30Gold Bar 30Mechanical Part

Table Saw

Coral plank1Coral Wood

Octarine Workbench

Octarine Pickaxe10Coral Wood 12Octarine Bar
Octarine Shovel10Coral Wood 10Octarine Bar
Octarine Bag15Fiber 5Wool 20Octarine Bar
Octarine Fishing Rod8Coral Wood 9Octarine Bar
Octarine Anvil15Octarine Bar
Proficient Jewelry Workbench30Coral plank 15Octarine Bar 10Gold Bar
Portal100Copper Bar 100Iron Bar 100Octarine Bar 200Coral plank 20Mechanical Part 30Ancient Gemstone
Fury Forge30Octarine Bar 15Scarlet Bar
Galaxite Workbench70Coral plank 30Octarine Bar 40Galaxite Bar
2Coral Wall1Limestone Wall 1Coral plank
2Coral Floor1Coral plank
2Coral Bridge1Coral plank
2Coral Fence1Coral plank
Coral Fence Gate1Coral plank 1Octarine Bar
Lit Floor1Limestone Wall 1Octarine Bar

Octarine Anvil

Octarine Helm25Octarine Bar 13Scarlet Bar 5Gold Bar
Octarine Breastplate30Octarine Bar 15Scarlet Bar 7Gold Bar
Octarine Pants27Octarine Bar 14Scarlet Bar 6Gold Bar
Octarine Sword16Octarine Bar
Octarine Axe18Octarine Bar
Octarine Bow15Octarine Bar 15Coral Wood
Octarine Shield18Octarine Bar 15Coral Wood

Fury Forge

Galaxite Bar1Galaxite Ore

Galaxite Workbench

Galaxite Pickaxe20Coral plank 20Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Shovel18Coral plank 18Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Fishing Rod17Coral plank 17Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Anvil25Galaxite Bar
Go-Kart Workbench70Coral plank 35Galaxite Bar 20Scarlet Bar
Galaxite Trap3Galaxite Bar 2Magma Slime
Galaxite Turret15Galaxite Bar 4Mechanical Part
2Galaxite Wall1Galaxite Bar
2Galaxite Floor1Galaxite Bar
2Galaxite Bridge1Galaxite Bar
2Galaxite Fence1Coral plank 1Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Fence Gate1Coral plank 2Galaxite Bar

Galaxite Anvil

Galaxite Helm33Galaxite Bar 18Octarine Bar 3Strolly Poly Plate
Galaxite Torso38Galaxite Bar 22Octarine Bar 5Strolly Poly Plate
Galaxite Pants35Galaxite Bar 20Octarine Bar 4Strolly Poly Plate
Galaxite Sword24Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Dagger20Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Chakram22Galaxite Bar

Key Casting Table

Copper Key5Copper Bar
Iron Key7Iron Bar
Scarlet Key10Scarlet Bar
Octarine Key10Octarine Bar
Galaxite Key10Galaxite Bar

Go-Kart Workbench

Primitive Go-kart50Tin Bar 50Copper Bar 20Mechanical Part
Renegade Go-kart280Galaxite Bar 150Iron Bar 150Copper Bar 50Mechanical Part 15Strolly Poly Plate
Speeder Go-kart280Galaxite Bar 150Scarlet Bar 150Copper Bar 50Mechanical Part 15Wool


Floor Pillow4Wool
Flower Crown7Fiber 3Wood
Wedding Dress6Wool
Top Hat4Wool
Suit Jacket6Wool
Suit Pants5Wool
Explorer's Hat4Wool
Explorer's Jacket6Wool
Explorer's Pants5Wool
Chef's Hat4Wool
Chef's Jacket6Wool
Chef's Pants5Wool

Music Workbench

Harp2Tin Bar 5Fiber
Cello5Wood 5Fiber
Flute2Tin Bar 2Copper Bar
Drumkit4Wood 4Copper Bar 2Strolly Poly Plate
Pocket Piano2Tin Bar 2Copper Bar 5Wood 5Fiber
Music Sheet Stand6Wood
Owlboy - Main Title5Fiber
Core Keeper - Base Theme5Fiber
CSD!3!? – It's Dangerous To Go Alone5Fiber

Festive Workbench

2Snow Wall1Snowball
2Snow Ground1Snowball
Snowman3Snowball 2Wood 1Carrock
Snowball Pyramid5Snowball 1Torch
Candle1Torch 1Slime
Decorated Winter Tree10Wood 1Crystal Star
Festive Fireplace4Tin Bar 8Wood
Festive Table8Wood
Festive Stool2Wood
Festive Wall Lights1Copper Bar
Paintable Festive Wall Lights1Copper Bar
Red Firework Rocket1Bomb Pepper 1Slime
Green Firework Rocket1Bomb Pepper 1Slime
Blue Firework Rocket1Bomb Pepper 1Slime
Yellow Firework Rocket1Bomb Pepper 1Slime
Purple Firework Rocket1Bomb Pepper 1Slime
The BIG10Bomb Pepper 10Slime

Valentine Crafting Table

Valentine's Candles1Torch 1Slime
Wall Hearts2Fiber 1Heart Berry
Heart Painting5Wood 1Coral Wood 2Fiber
Heart-shaped Rug10Fiber 1Rug 1Heart Berry
Caveling Brute Plushie1Caveling Brute Figurine 10Fiber

Easter Workbench

Chicken Hat3Brown Easter Egg 3Rose Easter Egg 3Gray Easter Egg 3Green Easter Egg
Chicken Breast Piece3Brown Easter Egg 3Rose Easter Egg 3Gray Easter Egg 3Green Easter Egg
Chicken Pants3Brown Easter Egg 3Rose Easter Egg 3Gray Easter Egg 3Green Easter Egg
Eggcellent Hat3Brown Easter Egg 3Rose Easter Egg 3Gray Easter Egg 3Green Easter Egg
Eggcellent Breast Piece3Brown Easter Egg 3Rose Easter Egg 3Gray Easter Egg 3Green Easter Egg
Eggcellent Pants3Brown Easter Egg 3Rose Easter Egg 3Gray Easter Egg 3Green Easter Egg
Easter Egg Lamp1Brown Easter Egg 2Dirt Wall 2Wood
Easter Garland1Grass Wall 2Fiber
Daisy Flooring1Clay Wall
Easter Egg Flowerpot1Gray Easter Egg 2Dirt Wall
Easter Pillar12Stone Wall
Easter Meadow Stool3Grass Wall 3Stone Wall
Easter Meadow Table6Grass Wall 6Stone Wall
Easter Pedestal6Stone Wall

Casting items[edit]

Rune Parchment

Rune Song1Broken Handle 1Chipped Blade 1Clear Gemstone 50Iron Bar 10Ancient Gemstone

Crystal Skull Shard

Skull of the Corrupted Shaman10Crystal Skull Shard

Empty Crystal

Admin Key1Shutdown Protocol 1Anomaly Report 1Overwrite Transcript

Glyph Parchment

Phantom Spark1Channeling Gemstone 1Fractured Limbs 1Energy String 100Octarine Bar 20Ancient Gemstone

Thread of Fate

Oracle Deck1Oracle Card "Aura" 1Oracle Card "Brilliance" 1Oracle Card "Entity" 1Oracle Card "Inspiration" 1Oracle Card "Metropolis" 1Oracle Card "Wisdom" 1Oracle Card "Radiance" 1Oracle Card "Temperance" 1Oracle Card "Endurance"

Crystal Meteor Shard

Crystal Meteor Chunk8Crystal Meteor Shard

Cipher Parchment

Soul Seeker1Ancient Pickaxe 400Gold Bar 800Scarlet Bar 800Octarine Bar 800Galaxite Bar 100Ancient Gemstone

Pink Cherry Blossom

Pink Cherry Tree10Pink Cherry Blossom

White Cherry Blossom

White Cherry Tree10White Cherry Blossom
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