Basic Workbench

Basic Workbench
Basic Workbench
Type Workbench
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Common
Description The most basic of all workbenches.



Workbench By hand
Result Basic Workbench
Materials 8Wood


Crafting workbench[edit]

Basic Workbench

Wooden Sword5Wood
Wooden Hoe4Wood
Watering Can4Copper Bar
Wood Helm4Wood
Wood Chest6Wood
Wood Pants5Wood
Furnace20Dirt Wall
Cooking Pot2Wood 4Copper Bar
Salvage and Repair Station5Wood 5Copper Bar
Feeding Tray10Wood 5Copper Bar
Copper Workbench8Wood 6Copper Bar
2Wood Wall1Wood 1Dirt Wall
2Wood Floor1Wood
Wood Door4Wood 2Copper Bar
2Wood Bridge1Wood
2Wood Fence2Wood
Wood Fence Gate2Wood 2Tin Bar
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