Spike Trap

Spike Trap
Spike Trap
Type Trap
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Common
Melee damage 51-61
Description A mechanical spike trap that only reacts to enemies.

These crafted Traps can be placed on the ground with no danger to players. They automatically activate the moment an Enemy mob or Boss steps on their tile, immediately dealing 51-61 melee damage. They can be used for base defence, mob farming and assisting some boss fights.

Spike Traps have a 2.5 second cooldown before being able to activate again. This gives each one a average of 22.4 damage per second, maximum, against a static target. However, enemies moving across multiple traps will be damaged by each one, in turn, for potentially rapid kills.



Workbench Tin Workbench
Result Spike Trap
Materials 1Tin Bar


Mob Farming[edit]

Spike Traps do not block Enemy mob spawning surfaces from working. So Spike Traps can be used to blanket part or all of a mob farm, without issue.

Some mobs will aggro on the trap itself. Slimes will repeatedly jump attack until dying. Caveling variants with a ranged attacks will even attempt to shoot the trap for a short while after moving away from it, out of melee range.


Most Bosses can be damage by these traps. But many destroy floor tiles, making their use potentially costly.

  • Ghorm the Devourer, in particular is vulnerable to traps, but also tends to destroy most of them.
  • Traps can be placed under The Hive Mother when she is respawned. Or placed all around her, before a first kill, to help with crowd control. But they do no block Ground Acid Slime from hurting players.
  • Azeos the Sky Titan can be hit without risk of loosing traps. But they can't break their healing crystals and one 4 can hit the bird boss, so do relatively little to diminish their total health.
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