Type Furniture
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Common
Can be painted Yes
Description Allows changing the equipment shown on your character.

Dressers are a base building furniture item. Players can use one to override or hide the armor items worn in the Helm, Chest and Pants slots of their character.

This is done by placing a dresser on the ground and using the interact key on it. Then, placing armor in the dresser user interface slots, for the desired aesthetic. These items give no buff and take no durability loss. Clicking the use key on each of the dresser's slots with reveal the characters original appearance, hiding worm items.

Aesthetic items can be accessed with any dresser. So carrying this item, to place down and use, can be considered to extend player inventory by two slots. If a carrying a change of armor is desired.

Default appearance



Workbench Carpenter's Table
Result Dresser
Materials 12Wood
5Tin Bar

Color Variations[edit]

This is a paintable object. Brushes from the Painter's Table can be used to give it this range of different appearances:

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