Caveling Shaman

Caveling Shaman
Caveling Shaman
Location The Forgotten Ruins
Aggressive Yes
Faction Caveling
Health 408

Caveling Sharman are an enemy found in The Forgotten Ruins. They respawn on Stone Moss.


Shaman's ranged fireball attacks are hard hitting with an additional burn over time debuff. But the glow of their staff makes them highly visible and the fireball can be dodged.


  • Apply +21 burn damage every third sec on hit


Type Damage
Melee 84
Fireball 112


Item Chance
Nothing 27.69%
Tin Ore 12.88%
Fiber 12.88%
Iron Ore 6.44%
Caveling Bread 6.44%
Ancient Gemstone 6.44%
Mechanical Part 6.44%
Crystal Skull Shard 6.44%
Stone Moss 4.51%
Fireball Staff 1.93%
Caveling Hood 1.93%
Caveling Chest 1.93%
Caveling Pants 1.93%
Cave Pouch 0.97%
Ear Plate 0.64%
Caveling Shaman Figurine 0.52%
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