Type Furniture
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Common
Can be painted Yes
Description A place to sleep. Also allows friendly inhabitants to move in if placed in a room to their liking.

Beds are an important base building furniture object. They can be placed on the ground to sleep in, slowly restoring health and providing other utility.

Players can set a bed as their respawn point by sleeping in it for any amount of time. Requiring no enemies nearby. Only one player can claim each bed. Breaking the bed will reset the player's respawn point to the world default, at The Core.

A bed can be simultaneously used by one merchant NPC, as part of a valid room.


Beds are only obtained by crafting. They should not be confused with Caveling Bed, found in the world, that do not share the same functionalities.


Workbench Copper Workbench
Result Bed
Materials 10Wood

Color Variations[edit]

This is a paintable object. Brushes from the Painter's Table can be used to give it this range of different appearances:

Default Red Yellow
Green Blue Purple
Brown Black White

Advanced Uses[edit]

There are two more ways to respawn at a player's claimed bed, in addition to dying in combat:

  1. Settings -> Gameplay Settings -> My Character is stuck! -> Yes. This drops the main inventory to a gravestone, like regular death.
  2. Getting jammed into a wall, object, void or water tile. This shows a dying animation, but retains all inventory and armor durability.
Door-stuck to bed teleportation demonstration in 0.4.1

This second method can be exploited by deliberately getting a player character stuck behind a vertically closed door. This is made tricky to achieve by a game algorithm that will attempt to rewind the player's position up to 8 tiles into their past path, when stuck. However, if the player has just walked through 8 (or more) tiles of sideways fence, it will give up and send the player back to their spawn instead, after a 2 second delay.

This is a powerful trick because it allows a player to teleport back out to anywhere on the map, after placing a bed there. Using a Recall Idol makes this two-way teleportation between The Core and any chosen spot accessible well before being able to craft Portals, and without their 20 minute warm-up delay.

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