Hive Spike Trap

Hive Spike Trap
Hive Spike Trap
Type Trap
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Common
Melee damage 33-39
Description A larva hive trap made out of sharp bones, damaging any creature who steps on it.

These naturally occurring Traps are activated by, and hurt, anything that steps on their tile. Unlike crafted Spike Traps, this includes players.

Their activation rate is once every 2.5 seconds. Their lower damage stat means they can only output about 14.4 damage per second, each, against a static target.


Hive Spike Traps cannot be crafted, but may be collected from the ground, for free, using any Shovels, Hoes or melee hits.



They have all the same uses as Spike Traps. Although, their lower damage output may make them unable to kill harder enemies on their own. Their damage to players makes them a risky proposition in combat situations.

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