Damage taken from enemies[edit]


(Base Damage - Armor × 0.75) × (1 - Damage Reduction Against Bosses) × (1 - Shield Damage Reduction) × Randomized Damage Range


  • Only 75% of armor is used in damage reduction, up to a maximum of 75% of base damage
    • Example 1: 100 damage against 20 armor, damage is reduced by 15, for a total of 85 damage taken
    • Example 2: 100 damage against 200 armor, damage is reduced by 75, for a total of 25 damage taken
  • Damage reduction against bosses and shield damage reduction can bypass the 75% damage reduction limit imposed on armor
  • Randomized damage range goes from 0.9 to 1.1
  • Damage caused by status effects, such as burning, are not subject to damage reduction

Precise damage with rounding:

Damage A = MAX(Base Damage - ROUND(Armor × 0.75), ROUNDDOWN(Base Damage × 0.25))
Damage B = ROUND(Damage A × (1 - Damage Reduction Against Bosses))
Damage C = ROUND(Damage B × (1 - Shield Damage Reduction))
Damage Range = ROUNDUP(Damage C × 0.9) ~ ROUNDDOWN(Damage C × 1.1)


  • MAX selects a highest number between the two
  • ROUND rounds up a number that ends with .5 or higher, otherwise it rounds down
  • ROUNDUP rounds up a number if it has a decimal value
  • ROUNDDOWN rounds down a number if it has a decimal value


Example of a reinforced tool

Reinforcement is a method of powering up tools and equipment. Reinforcement is done with Salvage and Repair Station, and it will cost some of the item's base materials. Only tools and equipment with durability can be reinforced.

By reinforcing tools or equipment, it will do the following:

  • Increased damage and stats, if applicable, by 15%. Attack speed is unaffected. Extra stats are denoted in green.
  • Set current durability to double that of maximum value. If your tool or equipment is broken or has low durability, it'll be automatically repaired.

The reinforcement status is not permanent. It will only last until its durability is halved, back to its base value, and then all of the extra damage and stats will disappear. You can still reinforce it again once it's no longer reinforced.


Water is randomly generated, existing in empty tiles without grounds. It cannot be created, only removed or spread around. You can spread water by removing the ground next to it while placing grounds on water will remove it. There is no limit on how many tiles the water can spread regardless on how small it originally is. When different types of water collide, water with higher strength value will overwrite the weaker one, as seen on table below.

Sprite Name Strength Notes
Regular water 0 The fishing pool will change depending on where you fish
Acidic water 1 The fishing pool won't change no matter where you fish
Moldy water 2 The fishing pool won't change no matter where you fish
Seawater 3 The fishing pool won't change no matter where you fish
Gives off light

Hard mode[edit]

Hard mode is an optional difficulty option available during world creation. Once chosen, it is tagged into the world save file and can't be changed in-game. Changes for hard mode:

  • Enemies health multiplied by 2
  • Enemies base damage multiplied by 2
  • Bosses number of drop rolls multiplied by 1.5

While the game becomes harder, bosses will drop more items. The amount of rolls bosses drop are now multiplied by 1.5. Hard mode has no range of rolls on its own, instead it uses normal mode's roll value, multiplies it by 1.5, and then rounds the number. Certain roll value might be skipped due to rounding. The number of equipment roll stays the same at one. See Glurch the Abominous Mass for example, excluding guaranteed items, it has 3 possible roll values:

Glurch the Abominous Mass possible roll values
Normal mode Hard mode
4 (1 eq. roll + 3 rolls) 6 (1 eq. roll + 5 rolls)
5 (1 eq. roll + 4 rolls) 7.5, rounds up to 8 (1 eq. roll + 7 rolls)
6 (1 eq. roll + 5 rolls) 9 (1 eq. roll + 8 rolls)


Regular Enemy mobs do not have increased health or damage stats. But each player spawns as many new mobs around them as they would in single player. So 2 players in the same place should effectively double the spawn rate there.

Boss health is scaled up according to the number of players connected to the world. The amount of scaling is different for each boss.


Off-hand is an equipment slot. Certain off-hand items can be used actively. There are two types of active off-hand items: shield and dash.


Example of blocking with shield

Shields, e.g. Wooden Shield, can be activated by holding space. There is no time limit or cooldown associated with the shield, players are free to activate shield as long as they want, whenever they want. You cannot move while activating shield.

Any damage you take while shielding will be reduced by the amount listed on the shield. Additionally, if you use the shield right before getting hit, you can parry the attack. This causes you to take no damage, and melee attackers are stunned for a few seconds when parried. Shields work against damage from all angles. Unlike other off-hand items, shields have durability and therefore can be reinforced. Its durability will only decrease when taking damage while the shield is actively blocking.


Dash can be activated by pressing space. It will give you a burst of speed forward.

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