Bubble Crab

Bubble Crab
Bubble Crab
Location The Sunken Sea
Aggressive Yes
Faction Sea creatures
Health 1,350

Bubble Crab is an enemy mob found in The Sunken Sea. They respawn periodically on Beach Sand Ground tiles within the Sea biome area, only.


They blow a small cloud of slow moving bubble projectiles that quickly come to a halt and linger in place for several seconds before popping. These may briefly make an area inaccessible, due to their very large amount of combined damage. Each projectile will apply the slippery movement debuff, potentially causing a player to slide into additional bubbles.


  • Immune to slippery movement
  • Chance on hit to apply slippery movement


Type Damage
Bubble 194


Item Chance
Nothing 68.08%
Octarine Ore 13.7%
Coral Wood 13.7%
Bubble Gun 2.05%
Sea Shell 1.37%
Topaz Ring 0.68%
Bubble Crab Figurine 0.41%
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