Caveling Scholar

Caveling Scholar
Caveling Scholar
Location Forlorn Metropolis
Aggressive Yes
Faction Sea caveling
Health 1,390

Caveling Scholar is an enemy mob found in Forlorn Metropolis sub-biome dungeons in The Sunken Sea. They respawn periodically on Urban Moss.

The Phantom Spark legendary bow has a chance to spawn short lived friendly ghost versions of this mob on kills.


They fire a Scholar's Staff at range and will melee at close range, too. They also apply a beam to heal other Scholars and Core Sentry.


Type Damage
Melee 161
Range 215


Item Chance
Nothing 31.49%
Octarine Ore 13.69%
Coral Wood 13.69%
Scarlet Ore 6.84%
Caveling Bread 6.84%
Ancient Gemstone 6.84%
Mechanical Part 6.84%
Urban Moss 4.79%
Scholar's Staff 2.05%
Scholar's Hood 2.05%
Scholar's Cloak 2.05%
Caveling Cup 0.68%
Bent Fork 0.68%
Septum Ring 0.55%
Caveling Scholar Figurine 0.55%
Oracle Card "Inspiration" 0.34%
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