Omoroth the Sea Titan

Omoroth the Sea Titan
Omoroth the Sea Titan
Location The Sunken Sea
Scanner Omoroth the Sea Titan Scanner
Aggressive Yes
Faction SeaCreature
Health 90,772
Pre-spawned No
Summon item Expert Lure

Omoroth the Sea Titan is a boss enemy. It is one of the three titans in the game. When defeated, Omoroth will drop Soul of Omoroth, one of the three souls required to advance the story. Your character save file will also be marked with the same icon.


Omoroth's arena is located in the The Sunken Sea. Omoroth the Sea Titan Scanner can be used to locate its position on the map. It spawns approximately 1100 tiles away from the core at a random angle, or 2.34 times longer radius than the great wall. The arena is fully lit, and there are 5 giant whirlpools.

To spawn or respawn Omoroth, equip Expert Lure in your off-hand, and use a fishing rod. Aim your lure on one of the whirlpools, wait until it bites, and then pull it out. You might have to wait up to 5 minutes or higher for its soul to disappear before you can respawn it. The lure can be crafted by talking to the Spirit Merchant that appears when placing Ancient Hologram Pod on the ground.

Developer Sven explains how to summon Omoroth.


Omoroth can only appear and move on the whirlpools and nowhere else. It has 2 attacks:

  • Tornadoes: It will spit many tornadoes towards your general direction, as well as some in random direction. This tornado has a limited range before it stops for a while, and then returns. If you get too close to a tornado, you will get pulled in lightly.
  • Omoroth tentacles: It can spawn up to 3 tentacles close to where you stand. These tentacles can't move, but will attack if you get close. It has 1,412 health.

At 50% health it will enrage, increasing the amount of tentacles it can spawn up to 4, and the amount of tornadoes as well.


  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to slippery movement


Type Damage
Tornado 215
Omoroth tentacle 258


Item Chance per roll Chance for 1 or more
Floating Titan's Chest
Soul of Omoroth
1 roll
Omoroth's Necklace 16.67%
Omoroth's Ring 16.67%
Omoroth's Beak 16.67%
Omoroth's Helm 16.67%
Omoroth's Chestplate 16.67%
Omoroth's Leg Armor 16.67%
4-6 rolls
Ancient Gemstone 31.87% 85.32%
2-5Octarine Ore 27.09% 79.4%
1-3Gold Ore 12.75% 49.43%
Giant Squid Eye 4.78% 21.73%
Omoroth's Necklace 3.19% 14.95%
Omoroth's Ring 3.19% 14.95%
Omoroth's Beak 3.19% 14.95%
Omoroth's Helm 3.19% 14.95%
Omoroth's Chestplate 3.19% 14.95%
Omoroth's Leg Armor 3.19% 14.95%
Anchor Axe 3.98% 18.4%
Omoroth Figurine 0.4% 1.98%



  • Weapon: Range weapon
  • Equipment: Reinforced octarine equipment or higher
  • Boat: Speeder
  • Accessories / Off-hand / Food: Focus on range damage boost, and then defensive boost

Range weapon is recommended against Omoroth since it's difficult to melee while avoiding tornadoes. Once you summoned Omoroth, quickly change your off-hand to something else. Note that you can't shield or dash while on boat, but their stats should still work.

Before it enrages, always kill any tentacle it spawns immediately before targeting Omoroth, or you risk getting overwhelmed with tentacles around the arena. You need a good amount of damage to kill tentacles quickly, otherwise Omoroth will spawn more tentacles faster than you can kill them.

Once it enrages, it's no longer worth it to kill tentacles as it spawns too many. A trick to minimize the danger is to stand close to the edge of the arena while attacking Omoroth. When it spawns tentacles, they will be spawned either at the edge of the arena, or even outside the arena, reducing the area where it can attack you. Simply move away and keep attacking Omoroth. If your damage is good enough you should be able to take out Omoroth before the tentacles become a problem.

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