Core Sentry

Core Sentry
Core Sentry
Location Forlorn Metropolis
Aggressive Yes
Faction Sea caveling
Health 2,452

Core Sentry is an enemy mob found in Forlorn Metropolis sub-biome dungeons in The Sunken Sea. They respawn periodically on Urban Moss.


They initially stand inactive until a player approaches closely or they take damage. They then have a short powering up animation and sound effect, which can be aborted by quickly backing out of aggro range again.

They attack with a 3 way fork of bright projectiles, spawned as they stomp a foot. They may also stomp attack without projectiles, for opponents at point blank range. They have a slow move speed but very high health that may be topped up by nearby Caveling Scholars.


Type Damage
Range 215


Item Chance
Nothing 55.17%
Octarine Ore 14.52%
Scarlet Ore 7.26%
Ancient Gemstone 7.26%
Mechanical Part 7.26%
Urban Moss 5.08%
Processor Chip 0.73%
Mechanical Arm 0.73%
Ancient Guardian Ring 0.73%
Sentry Shield 0.73%
Core Sentry Figurine 0.44%
Sentry Helm 0.11%
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