The Forgotten Ruins

The Forgotten Ruins

The Forgotten Ruins may also be known as the stone biome. Like The Clay Caves, this area lies adjacent to the central Dirt Biome, surrounding the other half of it. But stronger enemies make this an even more dangerous place.

Glowing treasures of Small and Large Destructible Ancient Objects punctuate the barren Stone Ground landscape of the large open-plan Caveling city areas, with uncomfortable looking Caveling Furniture.

Beware, the resident Cavelings, Shaman and Brutes, attracted by Stone Moss. They may work together and can even team up in raiding parties to track down unwelcome guests and avenge fallen brethren. The basic Cavelings are speedy, with pickaxes they can use to break down weak walls. Shaman have ranged fireball attacks that will burn targets over time. While Brutes lurk in dark corners, ready to break through walls with swift slams of their root trunk bludgeons.

Mysterious unique Scenes may be found here, including obsidian walled mazes and Malugaz' throne room arena.



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