Workbenches may also be called crafting stations. For a complete list of crafting recipes, please see the crafting page.


Name Crafts
By hand Torch Wood Pickaxe Wood Shovel Basic Workbench

Crafting stations[edit]

Sprite Name Crafts
Basic Workbench Wooden Sword Wooden Hoe Watering Can Wood Helm Wood Chest Wood Pants Furnace Cooking Pot Salvage and Repair Station Feeding Tray Copper Workbench Wood Wall Wood Floor Wood Door Wood Bridge Wood Fence Wood Fence Gate
Copper Workbench Copper Pickaxe Copper Shovel Copper Hoe Small Lantern Belt Pocket Wood Fishing Rod Glass Smelter Copper Anvil Railway Forge Electronics Table Egg Incubator Tin Workbench Bed Paintable Wall Paintable Floor Carpenter's Table Glass Workbench Painter's Table
Tin Workbench Tin Pickaxe Tin Shovel Tin Hoe Bug Net Explorer Backpack Tin Fishing Rod Tin Anvil Bait Workbench Alchemist's Table Automation Table Music Workbench Iron Workbench Straw-bale Wall Woven Straw Floor Loose Flooring Spike Trap Loom
Iron Workbench Iron Pickaxe Iron Shovel Iron Hoe Bucket Large Watering Can Iron Fishing Rod Smelter Kiln Iron Anvil Jewelry Workbench Key Casting Table Cartography Table Scarlet Workbench Stone Bricks Wall Stone Floor Stone Bridge Stone Fence Stone Fence Gate Stone Door
Scarlet Workbench Scarlet Pickaxe Scarlet Shovel Scarlet Hoe Orb Lantern Scarlet Shell Backpack Scarlet Fishing Rod Scarlet Anvil Distillery Table Boat Workbench Octarine Workbench Scarlet Wall Scarlet Floor Scarlet Bridge Scarlet Fence Scarlet Fence Gate Scarlet Door
Octarine Workbench Octarine Pickaxe Octarine Shovel Octarine Bag Octarine Fishing Rod Octarine Anvil Proficient Jewelry Workbench Portal Fury Forge Galaxite Workbench Coral Wall Coral Floor Coral Bridge Coral Fence Coral Fence Gate Lit Floor
Galaxite Workbench Galaxite Pickaxe Galaxite Shovel Galaxite Fishing Rod Galaxite Anvil Go-Kart Workbench Galaxite Trap Galaxite Turret Galaxite Wall Galaxite Floor Galaxite Bridge Galaxite Fence Galaxite Fence Gate

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Copper Anvil Copper Helm Copper Breastplate Copper Pants Copper Sword Wood Bow Wooden Shield
Tin Anvil Bronze Helm Bronze Breastplate Bronze Pants Tin Sword Tin Axe Tin Dagger Slingshot
Iron Anvil Iron Helm Iron Breastplate Iron Pants Iron Sword Iron Bow
Scarlet Anvil Scarlet Helm Scarlet Breastplate Scarlet Pants Scarlet Sword Scarlet Dagger
Octarine Anvil Octarine Helm Octarine Breastplate Octarine Pants Octarine Sword Octarine Axe Octarine Bow Octarine Shield
Galaxite Anvil Galaxite Helm Galaxite Torso Galaxite Pants Galaxite Sword Galaxite Dagger Galaxite Chakram

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Furnace Copper Bar Tin Bar Iron Bar
Smelter Kiln Gold Bar Scarlet Bar Octarine Bar
Fury Forge Galaxite Bar

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Painter's Table Yellow Paint Brush Blue Paint Brush Red Paint Brush Green Paint Brush Purple Paint Brush Brown Paint Brush White Paint Brush Black Paint Brush Orange Paint Brush Cyan Paint Brush Pink Paint Brush Grey Paint Brush
Carpenter's Table Wood Stool Wood Table Pedestal Wooden Pillar Wash Basin Mannequin Dresser Magic Mirror Decorative Torch Decorative Pot Painting Seasonal Calendar
Jewelry Workbench Copper Cross Necklace Iron Chunk Necklace Gold Crystal Necklace Gold Crystal Ring Glow Tulip Ring Swift Ring
Proficient Jewelry Workbench Coral Amulet Scarlet Chunk Necklace Octarine Necklace Magnetic Ring Golden Spike Ring Octarine Ring
Alchemist's Table Healing Potion Enrage Potion Stoneskin Potion Crude Bomb Bomb Explosives Deposit
Distillery Table Greater Healing Potion Keen Potion Guardian's Potion Poison Aid Potion Large Bomb Slime Poison Slime Slippery Slime Magma Slime
Electronics Table Electricity Generator Lamp Electrical Door Table Saw Dynamite Pack Electricity Stick Electrical Wire Lever Pressure Plate Cross Circuit Delay Circuit Logic Circuit
Automation Table Conveyor Belt Crude Drill Drill Robot Arm Sprinkler
Railway Forge Rail Wonky Minecart Minecart
Ancient Hologram Pod Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner Ivy the Poisonous Mass Scanner Omoroth the Sea Titan Scanner Morpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner Ra-Akar the Sand Titan Scanner Igneous the Molten Mass Scanner Large Shiny Glimmering Object Expert Lure Thumper
Bait Workbench Spicy Bait Sweet Bait Glowing Bait Sticky Bait
Boat Workbench Boat Speeder
Go-Kart Workbench Primitive Go-kart Renegade Go-kart Speeder Go-kart
Table Saw Plank Coral plank
Key Casting Table Copper Key Iron Key Scarlet Key Octarine Key Galaxite Key
Loom Rug Floor Pillow Flower Crown Wedding Dress Top Hat Suit Jacket Suit Pants Explorer's Hat Explorer's Jacket Explorer's Pants Chef's Hat Chef's Jacket Chef's Pants
Music Workbench Harp Cello Flute Drumkit Pocket Piano Music Sheet Stand Owlboy - Main Title Core Keeper - Base Theme CSD!3!? – It's Dangerous To Go Alone
Festive Workbench Snow Wall Snow Ground Snowman Snowball Pyramid Candle Decorated Winter Tree Festive Fireplace Festive Table Festive Stool Festive Wall Lights Paintable Festive Wall Lights Red Firework Rocket Green Firework Rocket Blue Firework Rocket Yellow Firework Rocket Purple Firework Rocket The BIG
Little Helperling Winter Present Luxury Winter Present
Valentine Crafting Table Valentine's Candles Wall Hearts Heart Painting Heart-shaped Rug Caveling Brute Plushie
Easter Workbench Chicken Hat Chicken Breast Piece Chicken Pants Eggcellent Hat Eggcellent Breast Piece Eggcellent Pants Easter Egg Lamp Easter Garland Daisy Flooring Easter Egg Flowerpot Easter Pillar Easter Meadow Stool Easter Meadow Table Easter Pedestal

Casting items[edit]

Sprite Name Crafts
Rune Parchment Rune Song
Glyph Parchment Phantom Spark
Empty Crystal Admin Key
Cipher Parchment Soul Seeker
Crystal Skull Shard Skull of the Corrupted Shaman
Thread of Fate Oracle Deck
Crystal Meteor Shard Crystal Meteor Chunk
Pink Cherry Blossom Pink Cherry Tree
White Cherry Blossom White Cherry Tree
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