Paintable objects

All paintable objects in all color variations in 0.4.4

Paintable Objects are placeable base building items that can have their coloration modified by using any of the 8 Paint Brushes crafted at the Painter's Table. For some objects, this also changes significant details of their shape and patterns.

Applying a new paint color overrides any previous customisation. Certain colors will reset some items to their default appearance. For example, chests are green by default. However, some other objects must be broken, picked up and placed back down again, to return them to an unpainted appearance. E.g. Rug. Partially damaging an object, like cracking a wall temporarily, does not affect its paint.

List of paintable objects[edit]

Objects listed in order of workbench acquisition. Paintbrushes arranged in rainbow order within primary and secondary sections of Painter's Table crafting UI. (More painted sprites need to be processed and added.)

Name Unpainted Red Paint Brush
Yellow Paint Brush
Green Paint Brush
Blue Paint Brush
Purple Paint Brush
Brown Paint Brush
Black Paint Brush
White Paint Brush
Chest Chest
Bed Bed
Paintable Wall Paintable Wall
Paintable Floor Paintable Floor
Dresser Dresser
Wood Stool Wood Stool
Wood Table Wood Table
Pedestal Pedestal
Rug Rug
Lamp Lamp
Loose Flooring Loose Flooring
Decorative Torch Decorative Torch
Painting Painting
Lit Floor Lit Floor
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