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Max (maximum) health is a character's complete health bar. While the current health level may be depleted by damage and refilled by healing, up to the amount of the max health stat.

Various sources can increase a character's max health stat, over the course of game progression. This guide explains all the ways to do this and shows off the highest character health currently possible after a fresh start.

Starting Health[edit]

New characters all start at 100 maximum health.

Health (100) and hunger (60%) bars of a new character.

Permanent max health foods[edit]

There are several hard to find food items that permanently raise a character's base max health stat. Although they may be consumed multiple times, each one can only apply its unique permanent health buff once per character. The permanent max health foods may be cooked, but their buff does not scale up with dish rarity modifiers.

Icon Food Source Max Health
Giant Mushroom MushroomsArea Scene in Dirt Biome or The Clay Caves.

Shrooman (0.22% drop chance).

Amber Larva • Amber Boulder Scene in The Forgotten Ruins.

• Biome chests in Larva Hive Biome.
Ghorm the Devourer (0.21% drop chance).

Starlight Nautilus Lava fishing loot (Molten Quarry sub-biome). +100
Golden Chocolate Luxury Winter Present (1.67% drop chance). Christmas Seasonal Event. +28
Anniversary Cake Sold by Seasonal Merchant. +27
Combined Total One of each permanent health food buff +230

Old Giant Mushrooms and Amber Larva can still be applied an unlimited number of times. But they became impossible to acquire in worlds made since update 0.4.7.



Vitality skill experience, from killing enemies, adds one max health for each level in this skill, up to a maximum of +100 max health.

Additionally, the Maxed out! talent, at the top of the vitality skill tree, increases a player's maximum health by 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 percent of the character's total number of levels across all skills. At most, with 5 points in Maxed out! and all 9 skill trees at the maximum 100 levels, that adds up to an additional +270 max health.

Note: resetting the vitality skill tree, using 200Ancient Coins, will removed the health buff from Maxed out!. Until skill points are reallocated.

Well Fed[edit]

New characters have a +5% increased max health buff from being well fed. That is if their food bar is at 85% or higher.

Healthy diet talent in the Cooking skill tree increases the strength of the well fed buff by 20 to 100% (with 5 points in). This can double it from +5% to +10% increased max health.

Not so picky talent in the Cooking skill tree can reduce the food bar requirement for well fed down to 75% (with 5 points in).


Most Armor items and various Accessories give an increased max health when they are equipped. These items have the highest value for each slot:

Icon Item Acquisition Max Health
Miner's Protective Helm Loot from Smoldering Chest found in Molten Quarry +40 (+46)
Ivy's Thorn Harness Dropped by Ivy the Poisonous Mass +70 (+80)
Ivy's Pants Dropped by Ivy the Poisonous Mass +65 (+75)
Oceanheart Necklace Loot from the Beached Caveling Ship Scene in The Sunken Sea +42
Nomad Ring • Random loot from unlocking Galaxite Chest

• Loot from destructible objects in The Desert of Beginnings

+46 x 2
Oracle Deck Crafted using Thread of Fate from The Desert of Beginnings +48
Rune Song [1] Crafted using Rune Parchment, etc +62
Combined Total Equipping all the above items with the highest Max Health stats +419 (+445)
  1. Rune Song must be held (in currently selected hot-bar slot).

Temporary max health foods[edit]

Consuming the following foods gives an increase to maximum health that ends after a number of minutes, when the buff runs out.

Note: Long-lasting food can increase the duration of these temporary food buffs by up to 30%. From 5 minutes (at base) increased up to 6 minutes and 30 seconds (with 5 points in the skill tree talent).


The buff from this uncookable food does not stack with the same buff type from cooked food. The last consumed currently overwrites any previously consumed, even if they were stronger and longer duration.

Sprite Name Buff Acquisition
Glazed Heart Berry +65 max health for 5 min Purchased from a Vending Machine

Cooked food[edit]

See the cooking ingredients list to see all food's buffs for each food.

Sprite Name Max health buff when cooked First
Regular Rare Epic
Heart Berry +25 for 5 min +31 for 5 min +37.5 for 5 min Dirt Biome
Giant Mushroom [1] +24 for 5 min +30 for 5 min +36 for 5 min Dirt Biome
Emerald Feather Fish +29 for 5 min +36 for 5 min +43.5 for 5 min Azeos' Wilderness
Amber Larva [1] +52 for 5 min +65 for 5 min +78 for 5 min The Clay Caves or The Forgotten Ruins
Golden Heart Berry +50 for 5 min +62.5 for 5 min +75 for 5 min Expert gardener
Sandy Spikeback +78 for 5 min< +97.5 for 5 min +117 for 5 min Fishing The Desert of Beginnings
  1. 1.0 1.1 Permanent max health foods also give temporary max health.

The current highest temporary max health buff is +117 health. This if from combining Sandy Spikeback with a golden veg (or Starlight Nautilus), for increased rarity, and also getting a lucky Master chef talent proc on an bonus dish, when removing cooked food from a pot. Which elevates it again to epic (+50% increase to stats).

Highest max health[edit]

Adding up all the buffs from above, to find the highest character health currently achievable with a new character in a new world:

Source Max health added
Base character starting health 100
Permanent max health foods - One of each consumed +230
Vitality - 1 hp per vitality level +100
Maxed out! - talent (with 5 points allocated) adding 30% of all skill levels +270
Gear - All the best equipment (reinforced) and holding best weapon +445
Temporary max health food - Epic cooked Sandy Spikeback +117
Well Fed - Multiplier of 10% x 1.1
Total (rounded down) 1385

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