Minimum viable Merchant NPC room. See full requirements, below.

Merchant NPCs are non-player characters that will sell items to the player in exchange for other items. They are factionally neutral and passive, but can take damage from players, die and respawn.

They have special room requirements to move in. But can also be found out in the world, before accessing their summoning item.

Merchant NPC List[edit]

Room Requirements[edit]

In order for an NPC to move into your base, the following conditions must be met:

  • Room fully enclosed with any wall type and optional door.
  • Room can be shared with other NPCs.
  • 4 to 64 tiles of floor area (e.g. 2x2 to 8x8).
  • One tile of empty floor space (including free of Torches and 2x2 Stone Tiles or Core Relief Tile).
  • One crafted Bed per NPC (can be shared with a player but not another NPC).
  • Their specific NPC summoning item is placed on the ground. E.g. Slime Oil or Mysterious Idol.
  • If moving the NPC from another room, their old bed must be picked up.
  • They will teleport while on-screen and player is in the new room. But may linger in player is close to their current position.
  • If they won't appear, try exiting and reloading the world.
  • If they still won't appear, try to hunt them down at their natural spawn scene - Caveling Merchant in The Forgotten Ruins, Fishing Merchant in Azeos' Wilderness.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

Thunder beam proc on NPC
  • Holding their summoning item in your hand will coax an NPC to walk towards you.
  • Placing the summoning item behind a door in a side wall will allow you in and out while trapping them inside.
  • The NPCs have a massive 100k health and can be hit to activate your Soul of Azeos thunder beam ability. This will break almost any wall in its path and leave permanent illumination, that can be shut off by placing any block in that tile.


Slime Merchant[edit]

Sprite Name Spawn condition
Slime Merchant Defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass boss to free this Merchant and obtain a Slime Oil. Place this in a proper room with all conditions met for them to move in.
Caveling Merchant Defeat Ghorm the Devourer boss to obtain a Mysterious Idol. Place this in a proper room with all conditions met for them to move in. Or, even before Ghorm has been defeated, this merchant can be found on a small stone platform, in the The Forgotten Ruins.
Spirit Merchant Defeat The Hive Mother boss to obtain the Heart of the Hive Mother. Place the heart in the Hive Mother statue near the Core, to power it up and allow you to craft an Ancient Hologram Pod. Place a pod on the ground to summon an instance of this NPC.
Fishing Merchant Defeat Azeos the Sky Titan boss to obtain a Pile of chum. Place this in a proper room with all conditions met for them to move in. Or, even before you defeat Azeos, this merchant will appear randomly in Azeos' Wilderness, living in a wooden house next to water.
Seasonal Merchant Place Seasonal Calendar on the wall inside a proper room, for them to move in. It can be crafted with Carpenter's Table.

During the Valentine Seasonal Event they sell items in exchange for Love Letter, found on the floor. During the Christmas Seasonal Event, other items are traded for Cookies & Milk, which can be obtained as a drop from various seasonal enemies.

Note: they only appear in their special outfits during the relevant seasonal events. But they continue to accept trade in the same way all year round.

Brave Merchant The Brave Merchant is an NPC that can move in after placing a Nuclear Battery inside a valid house.
Sprite Name Stock Price Sell requirement
Scrap Parts 500 5Ancient Coin None
Slime 20 5Ancient Coin None
Fiber 10 8Ancient Coin None
Copper Ore 10 8Ancient Coin None
Tin Ore 10 15Ancient Coin Ghorm's statue activated
Iron Ore 10 30Ancient Coin The Hive Mother's statue activated
Gold Ore 5 55Ancient Coin The Hive Mother's statue activated
Larva Meat 10 10Ancient Coin Ghorm's statue activated
Shiny Larva Meat 2 75Ancient Coin All statues activated

Caveling Merchant[edit]

Sprite Name Stock Price Sell requirement
Caveling Bread 5 25Ancient Coin None
Iron Chunk Necklace 1 320Ancient Coin None
Flintlock Musket 1 415Ancient Coin None
Giant Slime Summoning Idol 3 500Ancient Coin None
Ghorm Summoning Idol 3 500Ancient Coin None
Hive Mother Summoning Idol 3 500Ancient Coin None
Mechanical Part 5 55Ancient Coin All statues activated
Ancient Gemstone 5 60Ancient Coin All statues activated
Rune Parchment 1 2,000Ancient Coin All statues activated
Empty Crystal 1 3,000Ancient Coin All statues activated

Spirit Merchant[edit]

Item Materials
Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner 5Ancient Gemstone 5Mechanical Part 10Ancient Feather
Ivy the Poisonous Mass Scanner 8Ancient Gemstone 8Mechanical Part 90Poison Slime
Omoroth the Sea Titan Scanner 10Ancient Gemstone 10Mechanical Part 15Sea Shell
Morpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner 10Ancient Gemstone 10Mechanical Part 90Slippery Slime
Large Shiny Glimmering Object 10Copper Bar 10Tin Bar 10Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar 5Gold Bar 3Ancient Gemstone
Expert Lure 1Purple Bait 30Spicy Bait 30Sweet Bait 30Glowing Bait 30Octarine Bar 10Ancient Gemstone
Thumper 50Fiber 50Plank 30Scarlet Bar 30Galaxite Bar 10Mechanical Part 20Ancient Gemstone

Fishing Merchant[edit]

Sprite Name Stock Price Sell requirement
Orange Cave Guppy 20 50Ancient Coin None
Dagger Fin 20 50Ancient Coin None
Azure Feather Fish 20 50Ancient Coin None
Green Bait 30 5Ancient Coin None
Red Bait 30 5Ancient Coin None
Purple Bait 30 10Ancient Coin None
Sea Foam Ring 1 1,035Ancient Coin None
Neptune Necklace 1 1,890Ancient Coin None

Seasonal Merchant[edit]

Love Letters and Cookies & Milk can only acquired during their related events. But then may be traded in at any time of year.

Sprite Name Price Sell requirement
Valentine Crafting Table Valentine Crafting Table 10Love Letter None.
Valentine's Chest Valentine's Chest 5Love Letter None.
Valentine's Gift Valentine's Gift 1Love Letter None.
Festive Workbench 5Cookies & Milk None
Gingerbread House Chest 5Cookies & Milk None
Little Helperling 10Cookies & Milk None
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