Mold Tentacle

Mold Tentacle
Mold Tentacle
Location Mold Biome
Aggressive Yes
Faction Mold
Health 1095

Mold Tentacle is an enemy mob found in Mold Biomes of Azeos' Wilderness. They respawn periodically on Mold Ground and can be spotted in the dark due to their faint glow.


They lob a white projectile that hard stuns an opponent for a second or two. Several Tentacles together can stun lock a player, allowing time for Infected Cavelings to slowly approach within melee range.


  • Chance to stun targets on ranged hit
  • Immune to mold infection


Type Damage
Range 173


Item Chance
Nothing 68.97%
Ancient Coin 13.79%
Puffungi Seed 6.9%
Fungal Bone 6.9%
Blowpipe 1.38%
Mold Ring 0.69%
Mold Vein Necklace 0.69%
Mold Tentacle Figurine 0.69%
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