The Sunken Sea

The Sunken Sea

The Sunken Sea is the second infinite outer biome. It features islands of Beach Sand Ground, Limestone Walls and Coral Wood roots, within an expanse of glowing crystal blue waters that are best explored by Boat.

Tentacles are found mostly on the coast, Bubble Crabs on the sand and Blue Slimes in areas with Ground Slippery Slime. All of these enemies apply the Slippery Movement debuff.

Large Omoroth tentacles may rarely accost mariners. And the octopus boss's watery lair can be found at a radius of 1100 tiles from The Core. While Morpha is further out, around a range of 1400 tiles.

Forlorn Metropolis sub-biome dungeons are found throughout the Sea.

The Sea Water can not be infected by other biome specific water types as it takes precedence; if spread, it will bring its biome fishing catch table.


Forlorn Metropolis Sub-biome[edit]


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