Phantom Spark

Phantom Spark
Phantom Spark
Type Weapon
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Legendary
Range damage 195-237
Attack speed 1.4 per sec
Effects +12% critical hit chance
+27% critical hit damage
+20% chance to summon a ghost caveling when killing any enemy
Durability Unbreakable
Description A legendary, masterfully crafted bow that shoots pure energy projectiles. Sometimes those pierce the veil of time and space, calling upon the spirits of the past.

Phantom Spark is a legendary ranged weapon that must be crafted from unique materials. Unlike most weapons, it has no durability, which makes it unbreakable but also so it can not be reinforced.

Using this weapon summons Caveling Scholar ghosts, with a 20% chance per kill. Each ghost lasts for 15 seconds, attacking enemies or healing the player. They may draw aggro, but always remaining invulnerable to damage from Enemies or Bosses.



Workbench Glyph Parchment
Result Phantom Spark
Materials 1Channeling Gemstone
1Fractured Limbs
1Energy String
100Octarine Bar
20Ancient Gemstone


Main article: How to Get the Phantom Spark Legendary Bow

Players will need to find and loot 4 unique Scene locations spread semi-randomly across The Sunken Sea biome. This is an expansive area, but each location can be found reliably when searching along arcs of specific distances from The Core. Three locations are inside large Forlorn Metropolis and the final one is a small island vault.

Three additional unique materials are collected in parallel with those shown above: Shutdown Protocol, Anomaly Report and Overwrite Transcript. These are used together with an Empty Crystal to craft an Admin Key that opens the vault. From where the Glyph Parchment can finally be looted.

Ghost Scholar[edit]

Ghost Scholar
Ghost Scholar
Faction Player
Health 639
Melee Damage 145
Range damage 194

The Ghost Caveling Scholars are summoned, on average, for 1 in every 5 kills using the Phantom Spark. The Ghosts only exist for 15 seconds. But many more can also be spawned during this time, lmited only by a player's number of kills and luck.

They fire their Scholar's Staff projectile at range and melee when close. They're able to collide with enemies and take aggro, but not be hit or hurt by their attacks.

Ghost Scholar being spawned with Phantom Spark, attacking Royal Slime (projectile not seen) and healing player
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