Azeos the Sky Titan

Azeos the Sky Titan
Azeos the Sky Titan
Location Azeos' Wilderness
Scanner Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner
Aggressive Yes
Faction Bird
Health 31,813
Pre-spawned No
Summon item Large Shiny Glimmering Object

Azeos the Sky Titan is a boss enemy. It is one of the three titans in the game. When defeated, Azeos will drop Soul of Azeos, one of the three souls required to advance game progression. Your character save file will also be marked with the same icon.


Azeos' arena scene is located in Azeos' Wilderness, 600 tiles away from The Core at a random angle. That's just over 20% further out than the The Great Wall. Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner can be used to locate this position on the map.

The arena is fully lit, with bones, white bird droppings and Ancient Feathers all over the ground. A giant bird shadow can be seen periodically passing over, as if directly above.

To spawn Azeos, place Large Shiny Glimmering Object on the ground, anywhere in the arena. This summon is crafted by talking to the Spirit Merchant that appears when placing Ancient Hologram Pod on the ground.

Respawning Azeos directly after a fight takes just 5 minutes and 20 seconds. 5 minutes for the floating soul to disappear, then another 20 seconds before the bird bosses' shadow reappears. If the summon is already placed down, Azeos will respawn immediately. There is no need to leave the area during this time.

Azeos Boss Spawn (BirdBossScene)
Azeos' Wilderness
Azeos the Sky Titan spawn location is always generated at a distance of 600 tiles from The Core. The floor is littered with bones, white splodges and many Ancient Feather.


Azeos attacks by summoning thunder beams. There are 4 beam patterns: Circular, horizontal, vertical, and random. For the first 3, there are gaps in the beams that you can pass by unharmed. At 40% health it will enrage, increasing its frequency of attacks and beam speed. Azeos has no melee attacks and it moves by teleporting around.

Azeos may also summon several healing crystals. If these crystals are not destroyed in time, they will heal Azeos when it gets close. You can destroy them with pickaxe.


  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to slippery movement


Type Damage
Thunder beam 130


Item Chance per roll Chance for 1 or more
Titan's Chest
Soul of Azeos
Pile of chum
1 roll
Broken Handle 14.81%
Azeos Beak Necklace 22.22%
Sky Ring 22.22%
Ancient Pickaxe 18.52%
Azeos' Dash Feather 22.22%
4-6 rolls
Ancient Gemstone 32.39% 85.87%
2-5Scarlet Ore 27.53% 80.01%
1-3Gold Ore 12.96% 50.03%
Petrified Egg 4.86% 22.04%
Broken Handle 3.24% 15.18%
Azeos Beak Necklace 4.86% 22.04%
Sky Ring 4.86% 22.04%
Ancient Pickaxe 4.05% 18.67%
Azeos' Dash Feather 4.86% 22.04%
Azeos Figurine 0.4% 2.01%



  • Equipment: Scarlet equipment or higher
  • Accessories: Movement speed boost or melee damage boost
  • Off-hand: Swift Feather / Shield
  • Food: Movement speed boost (Bomb Pepper + any)

The arena is way too small to fight Azeos properly, as it frequently teleports away from the arena. Fill in the gaps in the arena with grounds to make it larger.

With enough movement speed you can easily avoid all thunder beams, but you should still be careful with the randomized beams, as they are unpredictable and hardest to avoid. If you are having trouble dodging his beams try using the shield and holding it up before you get hit. When Azeos summons healing crystals, switch to pickaxe and destroy them immediately. Normal bombs are also a good way of breaking crystals.

Alternatively, you can poison Azeos and then DPS it down with the scarlet dagger faster than it heals.

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