Purple Slime

Purple Slime
Purple Slime
Location Azeos' Wilderness
Aggressive Yes
Faction Slime
Health 870

Purple Slime is an enemy mob found in Azeos' Wilderness. They respawn on Ground Poison Slime tiles.


Slimes will attempt to jump on an adversary. This includes attacking Spike Traps and Hive Spike Traps, making them effectively suicidal after one initial hit from a trap.


  • Applies poison on hit, reducing healing received from all sources by 75%
  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to poison


Type Damage
Jump attack 152


Item Chance
Poison Slime 96.15%
Ancient Gemstone 1.6%
Remedaisy Necklace 0.8%
Ivy's Ring 0.8%
Purple Slime Figurine 0.64%
Crown Summoning Idol 0.24%
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