Malugaz the Corrupted

Malugaz the Corrupted
Malugaz the Corrupted
Location The Forgotten Ruins
Aggressive Yes
Faction Caveling
Health 27,408
Pre-spawned No
Summon item Skull of the Corrupted Shaman

Malugaz the Corrupted is an optional boss enemy not required to be defeated to advance game progression. They are considered to be one of the more challenging bosses in the game.


Malugaz' arena is a scene located in The Forgotten Ruins. It spawns 350 tiles away from The Core, at a random angle. That is a about 60% further out than the radius of Ghorm's track.

To spawn or respawn Malugaz, place Skull of the Corrupted Shaman on the sigil at the center of the throne room. The skull can be crafted by using Crystal Skull Shard. Once you have ten of them, use them from a hot bar slot to channel crafting. Skull shards are dropped randomly from caveling enemies in The Forgotten Ruins. Specifically those spawned on Stone Moss.

Malugaz Boss Arena (CavelingThroneRoom)
The Forgotten Ruins
This throne room contains one Caveling throne and the sigil for summoning Malugaz the Corrupted. It always spawns at a distance of 350 tiles from The Core and its outer wall is unbreakable Obsidian Wall.


Malugaz has two forms. Once you defeat their first form, they will transform and restore back to full health. Players must defeat their second form to defeat Malugaz. If players move much beyond the enclosed arena, Malugaz will deaggro and return back to first form with immediately full health. This tight distance contraint is part of what makes this boss fight challenging.

First form: Malugaz can either shoot fireball or spawn fires in random locations, first marked with a red circle. These fires can't be extinguised or removed, only disappearing after 30 seconds. In this form Malugaz can not move, except for teleporting around the arena.

Second form: Malugaz switches into a melee oriented form. They will chase players around, and then charge when in range. The charge attack creates fires around the impact location.


  • Apply +16 burn damage every third sec on hit
  • Immune to burning
  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to slippery movement


Type Damage
Fireball 152
Mortar 80
Fire 80
Melee 152


Item Chance per roll Chance for 1 or more
Ancient Chest
1 roll
Skull Ring 25%
Skull Necklace 25%
Blue Leather Tome 25%
Ritual Dagger 25%
4-6 rolls
4-7Ancient Gemstone 16.75% 60.01%
4-7Mechanical Part 16.75% 60.01%
4-7Gold Bar 16.75% 60.01%
Caveling Skull 6.7% 29.3%
2-3Small Caveling Skull 6.7% 29.3%
Blood Skull 6.7% 29.3%
Ritual Goblet 5.03% 22.72%
Fireball Staff 3.35% 15.67%
Hand Mortar 3.35% 15.67%
Skull Ring 3.35% 15.67%
Skull Necklace 3.35% 15.67%
Blue Leather Tome 3.35% 15.67%
Ritual Dagger 3.35% 15.67%
Oracle Card "Entity" 2.01% 9.65%
Battle Axe 1.68% 8.1%
Malugaz Figurine 0.84% 4.12%


Recommended Gear[edit]


Prepare the arena by cleaning up all objects in the throne room. You can make the arena bigger by destroying the inner Stone Walls, but the outer-most layer is an unbreakable Obsidian Wall.


First form: Wait until Malugaz attacks. Avoid the fireball or fire circles and then keep attacking them for around 2 seconds, then move around to avoid the next attack. The longer this fight goes on, the more fires will appear in the arena, and harder for you to avoid its attack without running into fires.

Second form: Avoid or shield its charge attack, and then you'll have a few seconds opening to attack before they start to chase you again. If you are low on health, run around the arena avoiding Malugaz or the fires while chugging potions. If it can't catch you, it will not use its charge attack, and you can use that to wait until the rest of the fires go out.

Cheese Method 1[edit]

Malugaz in second phase form with random ground flames still present from first form attacks, being killed by spike traps and acid while player stands AFK in the dead-zone spot

Like most other bosses, Malugaz has a dead zone where players can avoid direct aggro and not have them reset the fight. The Obsidian walls of the arena make this tricker to find, but there are two. The safest is just out against the side wall.

This is a slow kill, because Malugaz' small hit-box means that only 3 Spike Traps can be utilised. One tile of the sigil must be left open for the summon. Ground Acid Slime can be added for a bonus 12 dps.

The ground around where player stands, outside, should be dug up to stop Malugaz teleporting out there and attacking directly. A strip on the inside might be needed too. The player stands on ground tiles with horizontal fence in them, to block random fires from being summoned.

After placing down the Skull of the Corrupted Shaman summon, immediately run as quickly as possible out of the bottom of the arena and around to the standing spot. Before Malugaz can fully spawn and teleport to you. Then wait there through both of their forms. The drop chest will be broken by the Spike Traps.

Cheese Method 2[edit]

For this strategy, a player must already have progressed through Azeos' Wilderness and optionally The Sunken Sea.

Dig up a significant proportion of the arena and connect that up to an area of water to flood it. Then jump into a Boat or Speeder directly after summoning Malugaz. This prevents any flames from spawning on the ground. So players will only need to dodge first phase fireball attacks, while chipping them down with a ranged weapon.

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