Rune Song

Rune Song
Rune Song
Type Weapon
Level {{{level}}}
Rarity Legendary
Melee damage 204-248
Attack speed 2.5 per sec
Effects +62 max health
+3 life on melee hit
+15% chance on hit to kill any target that has lower health than you
Durability Unbreakable
Description A legendary sword that hums when swung through the air. Its durability is a sign of extraordinary craftsmanship and it has the power to defeat enemies in one strike.

The Rune Song is a legendary sword that suffers no durability loss with use. It also gives significant health regeneration per hit and has a chance to instantly kill any enemy with less health than the player.

This unique effect used to be abusable with massively boosted player health by consuming many Giant Mushrooms or Amber Larva, before the change to single use health increase consumables. However, Rune Song is one of the most difficult to acquire items in the game.


This guide explains how to find the component parts. From rare and unique Scenes in The Forgotten Ruins and/or Azeos' Wilderness.


Right click to channel crafting while holding the Rune Parchment, with all other ingredients in inventory.

Workbench Rune Parchment
Result Rune Song
Materials 1Broken Handle
1Chipped Blade
1Clear Gemstone
50Iron Bar
10Ancient Gemstone
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